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I'm giving it another try!


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2nd day - Finished some artwork for my game.

Hello everyone! Well, this is the first entry in my diary for this challenge, although we've got the 2nd day of the challenge :). 
My idea for this pyweek is a game called "Wobbly Paths" where the player controls a human that has to jump and walk across a river by using bridges, ropes, ships and stones.All of those tiles are wobbly, so the player has to be careful not to fall into the water! Of course there are certain "enemies", too. They'll try to soak you! 
Yeah, so I've done some images for the river which will act as a simple animation of flowing water (well, not exactly flowing). The tiles for the bridges, ropes, etc, are done, too. Now it's up to some programming! (classes,...)

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