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4 5 4

I played on Windows. You obviously put a lot of extra into the appearance and FX. Very nice.

This game is fun. I like how the TD is a wide open field, and the towers that you place steer the
enemies. There is a lot of potential strategy in this design. I really like it, and hope you
expand the game beyond pyweek.

I wish I could beat wave 3!!! Alas, the difficulty went up suddenly, it seemed. I would have
appreciated a slower warm up. This did affect the score. If I could win a few more levels I figure
the fun would have been over the top.

Another thing I found myself wishing for is a tooltip when I mouse-over the towers in the
toolbar. I know I should learn to recognize them on sight, but tooltips would have been a good
beginner help to include. This did not affect the score.

Overall I'm impressed. Nice game, and thanks for pyweeking with us! :)

1 1 1 yes

Apparently only works on Android. I don't have Python set up on my Android devices, so I had no
idea how to run this. Didn't work on Linux or Windows for me--I couldn't make Kivy happy.

1 1 1 yes

Getting this error and I haven't yet tried any of the workarounds.

4 4 3

I had a bit trouble getting kivy to work. I had to change line 934 in to get it running on py
3.6 "distances.sort(key=lambda t: t.h_distance(self.tiles[target]),
t.h_distance(self.tiles[target])))" well done

3 3 3

Nice tower defense game. It is difficult to follow when there are plenty of things in the
screen. Maybe mixing less the vehicles or creating small sub-waves can help that.

2 4 2

I had trouble trying to get kivy to build on my machine, but I did get the android package to work.
It's cool to see tablet-oriented games in pyweek, well done. It was a well implemented tower
defence experience. I found it a little bit hard, because you can’t let anything through at all
or you instantly fail, would be good to have some sort of threshold instead.

4 4 3

Pretty cool. I had a good time playing, and it looks really good. The hex grid is a nice touch. I
was not able to do very well until I used the cheat from the credits screen. I like the variety of
towers and enemies, but it was a bit hard to tell exactly what the enemies were doing.

3 4 4

Very nice! I didn't try it on Android, though. I am getting an error, but it's one that's easily
fixed: (Maybe I'm
doing something wrong? I didn't find a README)

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I tried to run this game in different ways, but all my attempts failed.

4 4 4

I like it, the pace seem quite OK. And the graphics is nice to look at.

1 1 1 yes

does not work on a PC