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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.3
Production: 4.0
Innovation: 3.3

Respondents: 45


File Uploader Date
Final final entry.
DiamondGFX 2008/04/06 03:00
Final version (unless someone finds any bugs before the challenge end!)
DiamondGFX 2008/04/05 18:56
Screenshot of the near final version
DiamondGFX 2008/04/05 04:34
Finally! Something that actually plays like a game! Hooray!
DiamondGFX 2008/04/01 00:38
I'm changing some bits of the game significantly, but I think it will greatly improve the overall quality of the game!
DiamondGFX 2008/03/31 22:59
A little bit more of the game is finished, but I'm still far away from a decent, coherent game engine.
DiamondGFX 2008/03/31 05:47
More of the boss battle...
DiamondGFX 2008/03/31 05:46
Screenshot of the boss battles in this game. As you may be able to tell, I like having the player fight against gigantic bosses!
DiamondGFX 2008/03/31 00:28
Now I have some animation and cleaned up the transparency a heck of a lot. Things are coming together nicely!
DiamondGFX 2008/03/30 18:12
Screenshot of the last point I got the first day; you can click on the Wrench Blocks on the conveyor belt on the top and drop them below so the robotic girl can walk across them. Very basic so far, but overall I'm happy with my four hours of progress!
DiamondGFX 2008/03/30 05:56
An inital screenshot of how the levels will (likely) look
DiamondGFX 2008/03/30 03:45
Initial screenshot of my title screen
DiamondGFX 2008/03/30 03:45

Diary Entries


Well, this marks the first PyWeek where I knew Python and Pygame -before- I the challenge start :D

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how everything turned out. The main game engine ended up much better than I planned, although I never got to do a boss battle engine (or rather, couldn't think of anything that made any sort of logical sense). I'm pleased, though, and I think that the competition this time around is going to be pretty rough!

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