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2 3 3

Nice graphics and music, too bad the game isn't finished. It needs some tuning also as it's very difficult to last more than a few seconds.

2 2 1

some 'restart' option or something like that would've been nice :)

2 3 2

Nice graphics but the gameplay wasn't all that great. :)

3 3 2

had to fix (disable) the mp3 under windows. aside from that the game is smooth, it seems you had clear goals and were able to finish those. the game is simplistic, but challenging enough to be fun for a couple of minutes.

2 4 3

Funky music.

3 3 3

It's pretty good, but I feel the survival aspect doesn't work too well for this game. The fact
that you're constantly dying (melting :)) is a bit frustrating, although I know it's a vital
gameplay feature. I'm thinking maybe it needs a clearer notion of progress, like
levels/ending. Anyway, I like the concept and the graphics.

3 3 3

This one needs a main menu, high scores and polish in the gameplay department, but the concept is plenty of fun. :)

3 3 3

Nice work... just needs a "win" condition and some different levels to keep the player going.

3 2 2

meh. On the other hand, it does have a dragon in it. So, OK.

2 2 3

Quite difficult and controls are unexplained.

1 2 2

not sure what I'm trying to do here. Stay alive? freeze stuff?

2 2 2

A simple game, and nothing very new; nice work finishing it anyway.

2 3 3

The game is ok, but it really needs to be tuned better. Timings adjusted, enemy power tweaked, and so on. As it is, it's over too quickly; it doesn't give you time to face the challenge. A little adjustment could improve that.

1 1 1 yes


3 4 4

Nice game, but it's too hard!

4 4 3

Very nice graphics. Please keep on working on it!

1 2 1

low usability: the plants don't let you pass even if they're no there, the monster kill you even if the fire don't hit you. There's nothing new in the game after the first 30 seconds...

2 2 2

Nice game for a first try, but It fells a bit limited with only a single level. <br>
Nice melting effect on the game over screen :)<br>

2 2 1

I like the idea of being an ice cream cone. How do I win?

3 3 2

reminded me a bit of the one-on-one battles in the old archon game. The gfx are nicely done.

3 2 2

Felt a bit unpolished.

3 3 4

Sweet idea and pretty good for a first try.

4 3 3

Fun to play. I started getting hit by cacti quite a bit , before I realizing I could freeze them as
well. I enjoyed repleshing on freshly frozen dragon!

3 3 3 yes


1 2 1

boring, but cute graphics