PyWeek - Who cares - feedback

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3 4 3

Really like the visuals in this one. The jump mechanic was surprisingly frustrating, though.

4 4 3

"Czechpoint" :D. It's a really well made platformer. It's a bit short on content, with just 6
small levels, but they look fantastic -- both on a screenshot and in actual play. Good music as
well. Wish it had sound effects to go with it. The game is extremely hard, but perhaps that's
better for PyWeek than being extremely easy. But it feels balanced against the player. The
environment just gets deadlier over time. The player should get some upgrades too!

3 4 3

So many deaths. :) Nice work.

3 4 4

Way too hard for me, but looks promising. You should probably make the earlier levels a bit
easier an build up to the really hard ones. Part of the problem is that the protagonist is a bit
too hard to control.

4 5 5

This game is brutal and heartless! But its also the most beautifully done entry this pyweek,
the idea and execution were impeccable -amazing!

2 4 4

The circular platformer style is interesting, and the game scores high on cute. However, too
many of the levels require quite precise jumps, and the controls are just too fincky, which
makes this more frustrating than fun.

4 5 5

Really nice and polished with cool mechanics. I would give 5/5 on Fun, but the controls just
feel so unforgiving. It's frustrating when you just have too much momentum to stop from
running into enemies all the time. I feel like platformers need to be a bit more responsive

4 4 5

This would make a great game for tablets/phones because it made me want to rotate my screen all
the time. Finished the first level in only 49 tries, didn't finish level 2... must be getting

3 4 4

Very bouncy! Nice colourful!

3 5 4

Try 46. FFFFUUUU! My brain hurts. I don't know what is up and what is down anymore! Very cool
game. The graphics are crisp, the music fits perfectly (although after a while it's too
repetitive, but it can be disabled!), the mechanics are interesting, and the gravity...
well, everything is about the gravity, isn't it? The controls is my only complain: they could
be better. I think that moving around upside down it's difficult enough so I would adjust the
inertia of the character or make it easier to find the right spot to jump from one platform to the
next one. Although it is a little bit difficult, I kept trying so I guess it IS fun :) Well done!

2 3 4

The jumps were too tricky - I couldn't even get past level 1. It was really easy to collide with
the eyes and hard to control how far it jumps.

3 5 5

The game is well done, good graphic and good ideas, i like when the character is between two
orbits and you can do long jumps. The problem is that you can not correct the jump when you float
into air and in general in my opinion the game is too hard. I try several times different levels
and I never finish one, for some part you need only luck. For these reasons playing this game is
sometimes frustrating. You must do this game easier or make different level of difficults
(easy - medium - hard), now is impossible to play. The checkpoint with flag of czech republic
makes me smile. :)

4 5 5

Looks and sounds lovely. It is fun but a bit tricky for me...

4 5 3

Music only worked sometimes, but other than that, production was excellent!

4 4 4

I love it. I just wish I would have found it easier in some spots. I ended up getting very
frustrated, and finally I had to admit defeat so I did not get to see the entire game. The blind
jumps where I kept landing in teams of bad guys were not a good design choice, in my opinion. The
difficulty is the only thing that keeps me from potentially rating this higher. Great
physics, feel, and graphics. Cute writing. Nice mood music, too. Kudos for all original work!
Very nice job.

5 5 5

"This is amazing for a week of work - it feels ready for release. Gameplay, graphics, sound and
music are all working very well together. I love the idea of the jumping between planets. It
feels very fresh and new. I also like the character of the game - from the opening story to the X
man with the funny eyes it is all working very well. I did find the jumping control a bit tough to
get used to. It feel like you need to be able to change direction or at least slow down while in the
air otherwise the timing of jumps has to be way too accurate. Also it looks like there is some
physics going on with how the X man interacts with platforms - when you jump onto an edge then he
kind of gradually tilts over and slips off. This is cool in a way but actually seems a bit overly
realistic - maybe I'm just brought up on Mario but it feels like you should be either on a
platform or not and if you are not then you should be falling off it. Currently it feels like you
might be able to cling on or climb back up but you cannot so actually a simpler model might be more
effective. But these are minor quibles - it is really an outstanding piece of work, not just for
5 days!"

3 4 3

Very pretty, but the gameplay is a bitch. Low gravity, low friction, too many eyeballs to drift
into. I think I spent 60 attempts at the first level.

2 5 4

I really loved the graphics and the overall look. The movement also seems to work really well
and it's kind of original the way your character plays on this curved 2D plan.

The music and sound were also good.

But unfortunately, I just suck at it. I couldn't even get past level 1! The best I did was get to
the first checkpoint... Something's not right about the gameplay...

(also, no need for so much text introducing the story, IMHO. But that's a minor minor detail)