PyWeek - Gas and Grass - feedback

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Field-bombing meets yardwork

1 1 1 yes

Shaders don't compile and the screen is mostly black: 0:2(10): error: GLSL 1.40 is not
supported. Supported versions are: 1.10, 1.20, 1.30, 1.00 ES, and 3.00 ES

1 1 1 yes

Don't have a machine that supports the required minimum GLSL requirement. All I get is the
instructions overlaid on a black background.

1 1 1 yes

Sorry I don't have OpenGL 3.2 (I think I have OpenGL 1.1 support or something like that).

3 5 3

Impressive, pyweek is not suited to this sort of game, so even without gameplay it is
impressive. But with that said, completely pointless at the moment.

4 4 5

Worked perfectly in wine/ubuntu14.04/nvidia. Had a lot of fun

2 3 2

well, 3d isn't always better, it was a bit dark and driving was a bit hard and unrealistic :) ...
not sure what the goal was, probably to cut all the grass

4 2 2

The core gameplay is pretty fun. Near the spawn, the bumpy terrain is very satisfying and heavy
to get over. But there's a hell of a lot of bugs here. The first person view doesn't seem to work at
all (it clips through the ground). There's no reverse (s just stops) - which eventually meant I
couldn't recover from a position I got myself into. When I tried to leave the car while its pitch
was large, I got launched into space and off the map. A kill-plane would've helped the issue (if
player.get_z() < -50: player.set_pos(0, 0, 2)) Design-wise: the car turns far too quickly
when at high speeds. The grass really shouldn't be procedurally generated, since most of my
games I'd be lucky if there was any on my radar. The car physics work well with gentle bumps but
struggle with steep slopes, and you've got an abundance of the latter.

2 4 3

The idea behind the game is quite good but the car physics are weird. This makes it awkward to
play. I've never done any 3d games so I don't know how hard it is but I presume that it's
difficult. The car model is very good and quite realistic. Overall, it's a nice toy to play
around yet but it's missing crucial elements to make it a game.

4 5 5

Great physics, fun to play, real potential. Music reminded me of pulp fiction

3 4 2

Second pandas game I've seen ;-). Production is great. But seriously what is up with the
physics? the car goes all over the place. Looks like it could be fun, but doesn't seem to be
anything to do in the world. Wish you'd had some extra time :-).

3 5 4

As you say, not really a game yet - much of the fun comes from the strange physics (tumbling up
mountains etc). But the graphics are amazing, the car really impressed me when I saw the model
you started with.

4 3 4

It is great, the first time i know python game can be 3D, the control is not good, anyhow, i like

3 3 3

Could be a nice game, though controlling the car and character is quite hard, especially on the
uneven terrain. It has a good look though. Adding a more to the gameplay would have made this
game more fun to play as well as some menus and a story. Also it would be nice to have some
possibility to refill the cars gas once it run out.

2 4 1

It is not finished, maybe too ambitious for completing it in one week only! the music and the
graphic are good. :)