PyWeek - Last Train to Nowhere - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
1 1 1 yes

Outlaw has no attribute gallop

3 4 3

I liked the animation and the collecting.

4 5 4

Man art is amazing. I think game is too hard

4 4 4

Nice game! At first i had problems to get on the roof of the first train. The fights are really
challenging considering the simple mechanics. Good job!

4 4 4

Wow. This is one of the best games in the competition. An interesting game. Very much.

3 4 2

Great graphics and music. Not a new idea, though. Physics and controls seemed a bit buggy. I'd
sometimes fall through the floor, and framerate dropped to nothing in some areas.

4 4 2

Awesome graphics! They absolutely sell the game even though there is nothing novel in the game
mechanics and they are not even very smoothly implemented (e.g. you get shot at by lawmen you
cannot see). It's quite an achievement that everything is in SVG, but it requires a powerful
system. My feeling is that it slows down over time, so you may be leaking something.

5 5 5

Extremelly good game!! Love the desviation of the bullets. Really very good work!!

3 3 3

Nice one :)

3 5 2

Very nice visuals but gameplay was a bit lacking in depth

4 5 4

Honestly, there were a number of small annoyances with this game, but the incredible graphics
made up for an awful lot. I played much longer than I would have if the game hadn't been so
beautiful. The gameplay and music were extremely choppy for me, but I think that's common and
probably unavoidable when running pyglet games on Ubuntu. Keep up the good work!

4 4 2

Pretty fun, graphics and everything are nice. It started to lag a lot by the time I got to the
third level though.

3 4 3

It took me entirely too long to make the jump to the top of the train, and then I was surprised to
find that the second level was different.

1 1 1 yes

Linux, python 2.6 python Traceback (most recent call last): File
"", line 1, in from wildwest.__main__ import main File
line 4, in from .game import Game, PlayGameState File
line 9, in from .wild import World File
line 18, in from .scenegraph.backgrounds import BackgroundFactory,
FarBackgroundFactory File
line 6, in from weakref import WeakSet ImportError: cannot import name WeakSet

2 4 2

The visuals and the sound of the game are good, but I found the gameplay itself irked me
somewhat. The gun seems a little unreliable, and it was difficult to get a shot in on an enemy
without taking one yourself.

3 4 3

nice game

2 4 3 yes

Very nice looking game. This game had one some of the best presentation over all of the entries.
If fell short on gameplay however. I didn't find the shooting mechanic to be very intriguing,
or much fun. The game was also quite unforgiving, and felt like the numbers could use a bit more

4 5 5

Great game, congratulations! I got stuck at the second train... too many people shooting. One
technical note: it uses 95% of one CPU core all the time, almost melted my laptop! (but it was
totally worth it)