PyWeek - Wasabi - feedback

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Sooo many Shrooms

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I was able to play in my browser and it was pretty cool, but the framerate seemed really laggy and
the controls were unresponsive enough that I wasn't able to survive the first enemy in the dark
world, so I don't think I'll be able to play enough of the game to give it a fair rating. I think
it's really ambitious and you should be proud. I had a good time collecting enough mushrooms
for a torch. Some hot keys for eating a mushroom or using the compass would have been nice.
Really great that you pulled this one off!

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Cool looking game. Not too amazing for the actual play though.

2 3 2

Good potential. Game needs more items, more monsters, more loot, more worlds.

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no sound? the dark world was too dark, it was not clear what to do (I run around doing nothing?),
some instruction would have been nice, alone it might be too hard (not sure, have not played
much since I was 'game over' too fast in the dark world). Funny: 'You eat a mushroom, you feel
sick' but the health actually increases!

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3 2 4

I mean, the game itself could have potential. But the character controlling feels a little
laggy and uncomfortable. Lacks a little instructions at the beginning, but because there was
only so little time, it's a nice game to have in a week's time! Also, it would be nice if the whole
code could be python. Just... it's pyweek you know, not "make a game that use part python, and
40%-50% other languages". Anyways, great production!

3 4 5

Beautiful to look at, rather odd to move around and quite lonely when you're the only person on
the server. Would have been good to have some solo and team play "quests" of increasing
difficulty to get you into the game. Also, it'd be good to pan the game with a mouse... sometimes
I'd get stuck behind a tree and one be able to see my way out of the situation.

1 5 3

I've never dreamed someone makes a MMO in a week.

2 5 3

Hopped to to magician collecting some mushrooms with my sword. Did not really understand the
mission. Unfortunately the game did not tie me up enough to get to the interesting points, i
guess. Despite this I tribute my highest respect for the technical realization and the lot of
work invested in this short timeframe.

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It amazing to see an MMO in a pyweek, and especially one that runs from a website :) well done. The
graphics were nice and I had fun hopping around, but unfortunately I never ran into anyone else
playing the game, so I think I might have missed out on getting the whole experience. I couldn't
find that wizard either.

3 4 4

Tough to navigate to play the game, but kudos for getting so much done in a week.

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cool cool true cool but when run, super lagggg and computer fan start

1 3 1 yes

I have no idea where to start playing this game. I can move and that's it...

3 3 3

This game was pretty fun, good use of 3d and the theme.