PyWeek - Wasabi Jam - feedback

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5 5 1

Awesome game in a tried and true style, very well polished and a lot of fun to play through, with
cool puzzles and solutions. :) (Can't give any points for innovation, though. :( )

1 1 1 yes

I don't have Python 3.

4 5 4

Great point & click. I liked the scenario and the humor. The graphics of the room are nice and
clean. A lot of content for 1 week of time ! I managed to get stuck at the pentagram puzzle. After
cutting the candle, I heated again the letter opener, then the combination with the catapult
was no longer available. A reboot of the game allowed me to finish the game, though.

1 1 1 yes

I could not launch it on Ubuntu 14.04. I got this error messages (after removing the call to
set_icon for a similar reason): Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line
12, in main() File
"/home/steven/Documents/PyWeek/Test/goblit-1.0.1/goblit/", line 5, in
main init() File "/home/steven/Documents/PyWeek/Test/goblit-1.0.1/goblit/",
line 14, in init scene.load() File
"/home/steven/Documents/PyWeek/Test/goblit-1.0.1/goblit/", line 794, in
load scene.load() File
"/home/steven/Documents/PyWeek/Test/goblit-1.0.1/goblit/", line 114, in
load self.set_bg('room-tox') File
"/home/steven/Documents/PyWeek/Test/goblit-1.0.1/goblit/", line 111, in
set_bg self.room_bg = load_image(name) File
"/home/steven/Documents/PyWeek/Test/goblit-1.0.1/goblit/", line 11, in
load_image surf = pygame.image.load(path) pygame.error: File is not a Windows BMP file

3 4 5

Cool concept, good dialogue and humor.

4 5 4

Amazing point and click! A lot of content and funny stuff. I'm really impressed by the amount of
work actually achieved in only one week. I also took a look at the code, nice and clean. Smart way
to handle dialogs!

4 5 4

I'm very impressed. Nice game, and incredible for a single entry in only one week. Some very
nice jokes. And a funny Star Wars reference ;) The graphics are nice. The sound is a little bit
repetitive after a while. The replay value is sadly not very high, but that is to be expected in
an adventure with only one week of development time. Overall a very good game!

5 4 5

Really excellent game. Graphics, storyline, writing and puzzles are all working very well
together. I delved into your scripts behind the scenes and that approach is really amazing.
Great job!

5 5 4

Really fun, great concept, funny art, fantastic and entertaining storyline/characters. A
real piece of entertaining theatre. Strong narrative. This was tied for my favourite game of
the competition ... well done! Only negative was that occasionally it was difficult to know
what needed to be done next (particularly in the puzzle). I think more clues hidden in the wrong
combinations of objects would help alot to alleviate the frustration of not knowing what
needed to be done next to keep the story moving.

5 4 4

I wound up reading the script for the game to win it. The script that defines the game and its
puzzles looks like a stage play written in restructured text. Very cool way to author an
adventure game, although there must be some extra stuff I didn't see that defines the
locations on stage and so on. My kids and I enjoyed playing the game. I liked the characters
funny walk animation and dialogue.

1 1 1 yes

Gah! I'm on Ubuntu, and pygame just doesn't work on python3 on Linux. I've complained about it,
but unfortunately the pygame people don't see it as a priority. So I can't play your game, which
is a real shame, I'd really love to! This is not a complaint, though, I fully support you
choosing to develop in python3!

1 1 1 yes

I have python 3.3 and pygame is not installable for this version.