PyWeek - Unicorn Markets - feedback

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3 3 3

Interesting combination of ideas and puzzles. The movement was unusual. It felt a bit
confusing at first but worked once I got used to it.

2 2 3

The control are strange, and it lacks a bit of instructions for the mini-games. I did not get
really excited about exploring. I've enjoyed getting lost though.

2 4 2

Somebody on that team does lovely animations! Those looked great. You control Tony, guiding
him around a maze. When you find a graphical item, press space to interact with it. You might
play a minigame, which would reward you with a number, and then you enter that number to a
different graphic thing in the maze to go to the next maze. That appeared to be the whole game.
There are only two minigames, both are extremely basic: "here are four numbers, click on them
from lowest to highest", and "here's the name of a color, is it drawn in that color?". I didn't
think these were fun. Bafflingly, Tony steers with tank controls (rotate left/right, move
forward), which is frustrating to use in isometric 2D. Why? Why not just WASD to move up left
right down? WASD would have made the game far nicer to play. Tank controls were a definite

4 4 4

not sure why I lost at the end nor could I figure out how I was doing (well/bad?) and not sure what I
had to do to win The idea was fun to play and funny jokes. Although passing the same tests again
and again got a bit annoying.

2 4 4

I had a little trouble starting the game. (I didn't have yaml installed on my machine, a note in
the readme would have been nice) I like the character animation, controlling him though is a
little counterintuitive. Consider explaining what to do during the minigames (on line of
text would suffice) Having no feedback about what I clicked leaves me with an uncomfortable
feeling of uncertainty. I don't really get how the theme fits into your game. I really liked the
intro. It made me curious and I was looking forward to learn more about Tony and how the race
between the teacher and him would turn out. :)

1 3 3

The intro sequence was great. The maze part of the game had odd controls and an mish-mash of
isometric sprites and top-down collisions. The puzzles were dull and basic (and poorly

2 4 3

Seemed like an interesting concept, but I got a bit confused. I was never really sure what the
objectives of most mini games were, and I didn’t get any indication that I beat them or not. It
would be good to get some actual instructions on how to play each mini game. I liked the music and

3 3 3

It would be great to have some visual feedback after clicking something.

3 3 3

I had fun figuring out the mechanics. I liked the puzzles.

3 4 3

I like the atmosphere, the style, the music, and the story. The challenges were not bad, though
fortunately I'm not colorblind. I had fun on the first couple of levels, but I stopped after
finishing level 4, just because it was getting pretty repetitive. Some variety in the
challenges would have been nice. My biggest complaint was the controls. I would have really
preferred to be able to move in a direction by pressing that arrow key. And switching between
mouse and keyboard a lot is kind of a pain. Overall not bad at all.

2 3 3

Mini game rules were obscure to me. It required PyYAML to run.

2 3 3

I was pretty confused all the time I was playing, and I read the description. You should have
write it also in Readme at least. A kid playing the game would be left clueless, I guess.