PyWeek - Violet Hippo - feedback

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2 3 2

I was never really sure what I was doing, what the various stats meant, and it seemed very easy to
just attack faction, end turn, repeat until I won (I think).

2 2 3

I have no idea what I'm doing

3 4 5

With another day or two this would have been a fantastic game. Sadly, the incomplete
implementation lets it down. Just having functional win/lose conditions would be a major
improvement. I can see that the code is there, but the events are ignored.

3 4 5

I enjoyed the game, and I believe this was an interesting concept. More 'hand holding' in the
form of pop ups or an advice ticker would have made the game easier to understand during the
first few minutes. I'll come back to this game later. Overall, I think it was an enjoyable game
and shows that there was a lot of effort put into it. Good work!

1 3 3

Not able to understand this game. Really

2 4 4

Quite pretty, and the concept appears promising, but the gameplay is lacking in useful
feedback. The only stategy seems to be clicking on Attack Faction and maybe moving the hideout
occasionally. There doesn't seem to be much threat or depth to the gameplay, which is a little

2 3 4

I feel like the meme-dog "I have no idea what I'm doing"

2 3 3

Nice images for the different areas and nice idea. However, I found it difficult to enjoy the
game. It is quite tricky to figure out what is going on with pretty much no instructions. Also
fullscreen didn't work for me - at least the positions of the mouse clicks were offset somehow
and this was a bit confusing for a bit, but non-fullscreen worked fine.

2 3 3

I was bored and bored. I just must see something moving to start spending time with it.

1 3 4

Your fullscreen doesn't work because you're not translating the mouse position after cocos
is scaling/centring. It is a shame because the windowed mode doesn't fit very well in my
screen, but I could play the game so it's not the end of the world. This game is 100% UI and it could
be better. I miss some kind of feedback on the buttons (mouse over? sound when clicked?), and in
the dialog boxes clickable entities should look like buttons. Some messages don't even fit on
the screen and get trimmed. Finally... it needs more information and help! It could use a
tutorial for the first turns. I don't know if it is unfinished but after 40 turns I destroyed all
the factions and don't even know if I won :( Sorry, promising idea but too many rough edges to be

2 3 4

Love the premise and the fiction, it has the promise of a tactical board game. Unfortunately
the lack of feedback (and possibly unbalanced gameplay) makes it feel like the game is just
unresponsive to my inputs. I destroyed two of the factions by repeatedly clicking the
"attack" button, the logistics faction was at "vulnerable" for many turns but the option to
assassinate never appeared. Didn't feel challenged (although I have no idea if I was close to
failure or not).

2 3 3

i don't like these game at all, i have some difficult to understand their logic and the funny
part is probably penalized because my mother language is not english. I tried for a while but
suddenly i was bored. sorry.

1 4 4

Looks great, I'm sure you put a ton of work into it. The graphs you posted are impressive.... But
I found the gameplay all but incomprehensible. I see someone's already asked for some
gameplay hints, but nobody's responded. Maybe if one of you delivers I can try it again.

2 3 2

I'm sure it was fun to make, and I'm sure you know it's not fun at all to play. There seems to be a
rich simulation here, but the player basically only has to keep pressing attack and wonder
what all this is about. The minimal README is the nail in the coffin. The UI looks great on
screenshots, but in game it's too static, and it does not help understand what's going on.

2 1 4

Seems like an interesting idea, but totally unfinished. I ended up mostly clicking randomly
and saw several bugs.

2 4 3

"This game looks great. The graphics, UI and controls are very nicely done. I think that there
is also some nice gameplay here but unfortunately it is a bit too confusing to understand what
is really going on. Some strategy guide or something would really help. But overall a very nice
game with some really promising looking elements. "

3 2 3

I didn't really understand what I was doing but I think I won by just clicking stuff. I would have
enjoyed it more if there were more of a progression as the game went on.