PyWeek - Vandelay Industries - feedback

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4 3 4

Pretty good idea - some bugs and obviously needs more level work. Great design aesthetic tho.

3 2 3

Neat idea, but a little empty.

2 1 3

way too short, third level is un-winnable(no where to go?), and there isnt much production
past graphics, which are ok...

3 2 4

Kinda fun, needs more levels. Music and menus would be cool too.
Start of level 3 causes insta-death.

3 3 3

Interesting game. A bit more levels would have been fun.

4 3 4

very nice game

3 2 4

the idea is fun. seemed like you never got around to finishing the gameplay such that you had to actually collect the balloons rather than magically create them yourself, and their only being two complete levels.
I thought the sound effects wer good.

3 3 3

Nifty idea -- could be developed into something quite interesting.

1 2 2

where is the gameplay?

2 3 5

You should finish this game! It's very creative!

5 3 4

Oh, if you had finished! I wanted more, I want to have a win screen, I wanted a title, I would have judged you so high. I really wanted to too.

3 3 4

fun game, i always used the devel-cheat up-key until I read here I'm not supposed to. more levels!!

4 2 3

I like the art!

2 2 3

Fun concept. Liked the squirrel and Wilhelm scream!

2 2 2

Pretty neat and simple; unfortunately, it needed an ending, and the last level looked buggy. It does have potential to become a good game, though. Maybe this game would work better being a big, continuous level with checkpoints instead of composed of several levels.

2 3 3

The game has potential. Some menus' more levels and finishing would have done wonders. Great job with the simple art style.

1 2 3

Two very easy levels, followed by one that kills you off the start. About 1 minute of gameplay.

3 2 2

Nice start to a game, like the basic mechanics and the level design is funny (arrow showing one way when you should go the other). Too short.

3 4 3

Fun, I wish you had more levels, the gameplay seemed pretty solid.

2 4 4

Even though clearly unfinished, I must admit that I believe this game has a lot of potential. The gameplay mechanic is quite creative, and the grahpical look and feel adds a certain feel to the game that I really like. All put together -- the easy-feeling floating with balloons, the well-drawn and expressive stick-figures, and the fanciful idea of catching a childhood balloon into the sky all combines to create an effect that I can only describe as "wonderful."
The direction that you're going with the game seems to be a good one, and it looks like you've already got a good start on making levels that are interesting, challenging, and fun. The only positive suggestion I can think to make is to put more work in on the physics of the game, such that when you go from 3 balloons to 2, that you don't immediately stop, but rather have momentum, and slowly come to a stop. Similarly, when you gain more balloons, that you accellerate to the proper speed. This will take work as far as adding gravity, momentum, and balloon force into the mix, but it could help add another element of challenge to the game, and as long as you focus on fun rather than realism (very easy to get this wrong when adding physics to the game), I think it could add another level of fanciful immersion to the game that could compliment the feeling that you've already got.
All told, good job, and I'm sorry that you didn't get more finished in time for the deadline.

3 3 3

An ok game. Nothing special, but not bad.

2 2 2

nice idea. game is incomplete.

2 2 2

Seems like a balloon is one of the first tings that one thinks about when thinking about the only way is up..

3 3 4

Really nice idea :) Though it was really irritating how you died instantly ont he third level if you didn't start by creating a balloon.

2 3 2

Not too bad, although I'm not sure where the game is in this. I also died on the third level, no matter what I did. Other than that, pretty cool. Thanks!

3 2 2

When you make a balloon while falling it will sometimes give me the smack the floor death sequence.

3 4 4

This game had a nice look (I personally liked the squirrel ^^) and besides the somewhat strange level 3 (Test level) it was fun to play... Hopefully the developement will be continued for more levels!

4 2 4

Too bad that there are just 3 levels (plus one test level that shows some interesting features). I would have liked to play some more.. ;)

2 2 2

too easy, too short.

2 2 2

The game is too easy and has too few levels. I appreciate the sound effects and the humor, but that's pretty much all there is to this game.

2 2 2

Needs some more work...

2 2 4

The game is funny but unfortunately lacks a few things.

4 4 5

Great idea. I get stuck on the 3rd level but I shall soon beat it.

3 2 3

Neat idea. Cheating and flying around was more fun than trying to beat the levels by waiting for the balloons, but better/more levels would help that.

4 4 3

A fully working game would have gotten much better scores.

2 2 3

Good base of a game but obviously not very finished. Think I managed to finish it though (got to
the bird-thingies at the top of lvl 3).

4 3 3

Hmmm are there more than 3 screens? If yes than I probably missed it...If no well good job on them :)

2 2 3

This game needs more complex levels.

2 2 3

I kind of liked the idea of floating around with balloons.