PyWeek - Grid Runners - feedback

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4 4 3


4 4 4

Cool idea and the levels I've done so far were well-crafted.

3 5 4

Really stylish and well executed, good job! The mechanics seemed a bit tedious and
unforgiving overall, but the simple controls and cool atmosphere gave me a bit of patience.

4 5 4

I haven't finished, but I enjoyed the few grids I played. Balance is good, production values
are high.

4 4 4

Not bad. Gameplay feels a bit limited, but the concept is good.

4 5 4

had to struggle with dependencies resolution, but it worked after all. very nice game, well

3 3 3

It wasn't particularly clear which terminal to hack and very punishing if you get it wrong.

5 3 5

Loads of fun, but I had to fix a bug in the provided pyglet to run it.

The joystick support is a nice touch, but it needs more testing. Switching between keyboard
and joystick several times leaves me with joystick selected, but ignored. Also, joystick
control gives me no way to get back to the menu. Perhaps leave keyboard controls active when the
joystick is selected?

I encountered several audio problems. libavbin seems to make the game lag to the point of
unplayability when it's present. Sound sometimes just stops midway through a game, with or
without libavbin. Combined with the pyglet bug and the joystick issues, this affects the
production score which would otherwise be much higher.

The gameplay is interesting and sufficiently varied to keep my attention, although the enemy
AI would use some work. All in all, a great game.

4 4 3

very cool, the only thing that i don´t like it is that it don´t show a won message

3 4 4

Very good game. I had trouble understanding what was happening at first but once I got the hang
of it it was pretty fun.

4 5 3

I really liked the art and music.

4 5 4

Fantastic as usual, one of the most complete entries Ive seen this pyweek

4 5 4

Fun to play and nicely polished with an 8-bit finish! Johannesburg is a lot like your
depiction. :)

3 5 4

Love the theme, love the music, great mechanics, though sometimes it was weirdly difficult to
hit an enemy. It could get a little repetitive depending on the person playing but overall fun
and enjoyable.

3 4 3

Pretty well done game, especially for a team of one person. It took a second to figure out
exactly how everything worked within the game. The design looks really nice and the music was a
nice touch.

2 4 3

This game looked and played really well, but I couldn't discern a goal. It doesn't seem like its
quite finished. Maybe some tutorial text or so would help. I couldn't really divine the goal
from the README either, just the controls. Would have liked to see what you would have come up
with if you had more time.

2 4 1

Good game, but bit too easy.

3 5 4

- Could've used some more explanation around the terminals; e.g. I still don't know what
"Firewalled" does. - Would've liked larger hit boxes on the enemies, and some more
interesting movement from them. - Very polished!

1 1 1 yes

Couldn't get the game to run on my machine.

4 5 4

Very good game, that fit very well with the theme, innovative, with a nice graphic and sounds,

2 5 3

I loved the production quality. Performance was a bit iffy though.

4 4 4

This has good style, proper pixel-art, a nice difficulty level (a bit too easy at time).
Shooting other Runners can be a bit annoying at times.

2 4 4

Good job. It's a nice game. Good graphics and sound, clever new idea. Just not fun at all.