PyWeek - Hopefully another game - feedback

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3 3 4

I'm always a fan of turn based combat and the Bejewelled-like puzzle was a fun way to do that.

4 5 3

Two words: Orbital Cow.

3 4 4

I like the mashing of two genres here. I thought it was pretty fun. But, once I figured out how to
beat the AI easily, I felt like there wasn't much replay value.

3 4 4

very well done

4 3 4

Quite a fun little game.

The combination of mechanics is interesting.

The AI opponent is a little simplistic, so it would be nice to see this extended to allowing
multiple human players.

2 4 2

Good production, but not innovative and can't find relation with theme.

3 3 4

please give every python file an extension! (especially: forscience should be - did only run with admin rights on win7 - still did freeze after some time, so I
could not play it to end

4 5 5

Nice mashup of attack versus connect 4

I just wish I had some friends to play with

The computer is great

But it isn't a friend

a real friend

3 4 4

I enjoyed the tactical trade off between hurling space cows etc and harvesting resources with
a puzzle game, but it was way too easy.

4 4 3

Definitely fun, although you can always win by going for meteors. Some game balancing needed -
I'd suggest adding neutral shapes that don't yield money or weapons, and then the valuable
ones would be slightly more of a contended resource. I wondered why there are no cascades like
in bejewelled, until I got the point of the game - they would make it too easy to collect tons of
armaments. Love the music.

5 4 3

funny graphic and funny game, obviously it is not so innovative but i had fun to play it.

2 4 3

Very nice-looking!

4 4 3

Pretty good.

4 4 4

I am very impressed with this entry. The graphics are crisp, the music suits the theme
perfectly. I absolutely love the mechanic. For not knowing the library used at all and pulling
this off is very impressive. I enjoyed this more than Bejeweled, no seriously. I would
probably buy this on my android phone if it was released on mobile. Super job!