PyWeek - Hopefully a game - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
5 5 3

Thank You, for letting me understand that sometimes just polishing simple concept is really
enough. One of the best games in this PyWeek. Sorry, I can give You a lot of points on innovation
because it is just not innovative.

3 3 2

A little bit difficult.

3 3 3

An interesting game. Very much.

3 3 1

Nice, complete game, but not innovate at all.

4 3 1

It's a very good reproduction of the classic side-scrolling shooter style! The ending is
brilliant :).

2 3 2

Great production graphics and sounds. I ended up very frustrated because I could only fire one
shot in the screen (and no more until the first one disappeared)

4 5 3

Great game. The music was very catchy, suited things to a tee. I am amazed that you wrote it
yourself! Well done there. All of the artwork, animations and stuff were spot on. Moving the
ship, dodging incoming bullets and the incremental upgrades to the gun were all satisfying. I
felt like I was playing those old games again. Great ending too, I'm sure if you had another
week, or a partner you would have gone even further.

3 3 2

gets too hard too fast. at least for me

5 5 1

I love this game! I was sad that it was over so soon, so I played it again!

2 4 2

A classic, but well done. Thumbs up for the ending, that saved also the theme fitting.

4 4 2

not original but very funny game (however too short), great finale :D

4 5 2

Very nicely done. I found myself wanting more, after getting through the meteorites on my
third attempt. Perhaps a random enemy generator would fill out the end.

3 4 2

Nice solid game for only a week's work. Could've done with perhaps a boss, and diagonal
movement was sometimes a little glitchy, but other than that it was great.

3 4 3

A nostalgic one

3 3 1

Well balanced and slick, but no original ideas. I would have happily played more though, if it
was longer.