PyWeek - Universe Factory - feedback

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Interesting. But I always get tired before I make any contact with the gray goo. Which is a pity.

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I like it. One thing that would make it a bit easier to tell what was going on would be to just have used land marked solid in some color and then you could use the translucent circlest to indicate powered status and factories. I just found it difficult to tell the difference between used land where I couldn't build, and powered+factory land where I could.

What are the missile launchers for? I built one but then it turned into a rocket platform icon and didn't do anything.

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That was extremely scary. Still, I beat it on my first try. And it felt a little slow, I wouldn't mind a speed toggle. Oh and would love to see what the other buildings (shield/warhead) are actually for.

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Nice! It needed more feedback, though, half of the time things happened and you didn't know why (putting the building in some strange color, and leaving the player to guess what that means is not fun).

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Awesome. Great fun, very clever. I'd like to see it more developed, with more levels and more gameplay. Great job!

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Quite easy, and thus little incentive to play it again. The game is nicely designed and quite shiny, but would have benefited from difficulty settings.

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Well done on your game! I really liked the concept -- I've always found the idea of a grey goo to be
fascinating, and I thought you executed the game with flair. The idea of a grey goo invading a
pastel world is just all the more of a sharp contrast, and I thought you pulled it off very well!
The only thing that I'd suggest is adding a way to make the game run in fast-speed, as it's a bit
tedious at times (especially if you want to play it more than once). All told, I really like the
variation in structures! It was also hard to find where city hall was at first -- an arrow
pointing towards your city hall would have been helpful, and I had to read the instructions in
order to find out how to scroll the map (with the right-click). It might be more intuitive to
have a "hand" or "cross-arrow" tool that scrolls the map and whatnot. The way the goo grows is
wonderfully realistic, and ominously creepy at the same time. I really like the way that you
can have shield generators protect their own factory/generator -- that's pretty cool. The
distance between shields seems a bit inconsistent as far as what will keep out goo and what
won't. Mines are a royal pain to build -- their radius is huge! It would help if we had a radius
preview for when we are planning and trying to place our buildings. I really like the looping
map -- that's a nice touch, and really gives you the global feel. This is a challenging game! I'm
almost done with my second play-through, and I haven't beaten it yet (though I got *VERY* close
to walling off a very nicely sized partition, but a small breach has foiled my plans. Yarr!!)
Great job on the game! Oh yeah, and the whole "ESC == quit" thing makes it a bit too easy to
accidentally end your game. Edit: After later playing -- yes, it definitely needs a
fast-forward button. I really want to beat this game, but I need to do more judging, and I can't
wait for the game to progress so slowly. aaaaah! I guess I'll have to come back later. :)

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Pretty fun - nice idea :)

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I don't understand where is the robot...

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Really cool idea!

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I dont like it!

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Pretty good entry.

It would be improved with clearer display of the active areas of the different buildings - sometimes it was a little hard to see where I was able to build.

It was a little easy too - I had a couple of false starts as I figured out how things worked (the README helped a little, but there was still some trial & error). When I had my "real" attempt though I finished it first try.

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Took me a while to figure out how to get started -- even though I read the README several times I didn't pick up on the existing factory/power until I read through the comments. Had a lot of fun playing, especially the end game of trading mines for shields. Be great to have multiple levels of difficulty and/or stages.

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Not my kind of game, but nice idea. Best background story of Pyweek 6! ;)

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This was great - really well balanced. However it really threw me for a loop not starting at the
city hall. pressing C to make the game work is extremely arcane... I read the readme, I scrolled
around the world, I burnt all my money building... I was about to give up before I saw another
post where somebody mentioned pressing c. The concept is a very neat idea, I can't say I've
played anything with the same escape the inevitable feeling. It would be great with some music
that would reinforce that

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Has possibilities, but the colour scheme is rather offputting. Can be hard to tell where a building can be placed when there are a lot of overlapping circles. Shields seem to be of limited use -- hard to get them close enough to what you want to protect.

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Mmm, RTS...

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I found a great time with your game and played it through the end. The endgame is a little boring (mine was surrounded by shields sitted while waiting for the 500 resources to pile up), but I loved the use of theme, the intro, and the gameplay. Great entry!

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Nice game, was fun to play! :)

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Fun to play once but I won the first time and so there didn't seem to be much more to do. Graphics are simple and clean but the interface is difficult to use: it's hard to interpret the three different kinds of coverage shown on the map (toggles for each would have been great). Would be really nice to have had some kind of warning that I was about to place a building that wasn't in range of a factory or power plant. Also this game froze on the title screen the first two times I played it but eventually it started working; I'm not sure why.

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I'm sorry, I just could not figure out how to play. I could place buildings till my resources ran out, and then I was stumped.

But you get mad props for "OH MY GOD THEY'RE USING MY ATOMS!"