PyWeek - Universe Factory 9 - feedback

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3 3 3

4 3 3

This game almost sabotaged itself by making the first castle so tedious that I gave up playing. After I got past that, though, the new ways to interact through making use of the new feathers made it a whole lot more fun. I did Azcoatl second and so it took me quite a while to work out what the hummingbird feather was for, not having been given the hint that comes with the owl feather first. Production would merit a 4 if it wasn't quite so patently unfinished in the later sections!

5 4 4

I'm a sucker for adventure games and Wizburg certainly didn't disappoint.

I found switching spells using tab or the scrollwheel to be too cumbersome and inaccurate. Perhaps assigning each spell to a number key would make it easier to switch mid-battle.

A steadier gradation of level would have been nicer, but given the time constraints I don't think the difficulty was too far off. I liked being able to swap between dungeons when one got too frustrating so I could come back to it later without having to leave the game.

I particularly like the humour in the dialogue and the twist at the end.

2 3 3

Quite hard.

2 3 3

"Larry Potter" :D

3 4 3

First levels get very difficult too quickly compared to later ones.

2 3 2

Too fiddly for my tastes

1 4 4 yes

Unfortunately, every time I tried to run the game, it would freeze upon leaving the first area.

Tested under a reasonably clean, recent install of Ubuntu.

4 4 3

The difficulty level (curve) is inverted. The first level is really hard but it becomes easier
afterwards. I got the hummingbird feather second so that didn't help (it made the game much
much easier and I could have used almost nothing else for the entire game). I just speed up and
then do whatever is necessary at leisure. Otherwise, it fun to play with a surprise ending!

4 5 3

Very impressive. Good story, Good dialogues. The levels were too hard for me :) but i love what you did with the menus.

3 4 3

The first room has a very good design: you are presented with a situation not so simple as to be trivial but enough simple to capture the pattern movement and elaborate an effective strategy. More in advance, patterns are to complex to elaborate anything; maybe no time to tweak.<br>
I would say that in rooms not totally visible from the entrance, it must have an observable middle point where the player stop to examine the parts uncovered ( or that part designed that normal reflexes allow to navigate )

2 4 3

It starts out too hard.

3 4 4

was fun to play! :)

3 3 3

Main character graphics very simple, but balls and attack crabs nicely antimated. Didn't get as much into the game as I might have liked because it hung regularly.

2 3 1


2 4 3

Well produced game.

2 4 3

Woah. Hard.

5 3 2

I lot of fun! I have beaten it twice! (Had to delete the save game to allow another go.)

2 4 1

Screen after screen of avoid-the-everything puzzles. Not much fun.

2 3 3

Cool idea, the maze level was a little annoying! But not bad.

4 4 4

Great game!

5 4 4

A potentially addictive game, exceptional game play, from someone shown be able to code exceptional games. Some struggle on drawing, even being a situation to be fixed with some more knowledge, doesn't affects that much the bright this game can show. Just a bit of visual culture and practice is needed. Do drawings is a pleasureful thing, there's no reason to be scared about! :)