PyWeek - Universe Factory 8 - feedback

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4 5 4

wonderful, except when they turn evil at the very end.

4 3 4


5 5 5

Really good! I had some bugs with the dialogue panels, though. Sometimes when one opened, it was impossible to close. I think it might have been related to me clicking the mouse while it was open.

5 5 5

Kudos for including in-game help.<br>
Show covered area any time you click the 'Build Star Plant' wouldn't be better ?<br>
While in 'Build star plant', sometimes you click on the terrain do build a plant and it would not build, despite having a idle worker.<br>

2 3 3

Your tutorial system kept locking the game up. Nice idea, but I found it quite boring to be
honest - felt like I was playing a random number generator. (Probably because in a sense I was.)

4 3 4

great game with a fantastic ending

4 4 5

Lovely! Nice ending, too..

3 4 4

With some tweaking this can become a great game. I had fun playing it. =)

4 4 3

I liked the goal and the mood of the game. I sometimes had trouble clicking on Kernels; I was unable to select those in any way.

Graphics are OK, as are sounds.

This is the first game of this PyWeek I consider playing again in the near future so far.

2 4 3

Cool controls and graphics. Didn't seem to be an object to the game or any conflict.

1 1 1 yes

I got thru the introduction then it would shut down

4 4 4

Very nice! Cute acorns!

3 5 4

2 4 4

Original idea! Could be a nice casual game.

4 4 4

The function of the dropper wasn't really obvious. The levels didn't seem too difficult, but it would have been nice to make more use out of things like the cannon. Also, the autobuild type function for the starflowers was nice but it would have been good to have something similar for fertilizing.

4 3 3

It can easily be learnt to play and has a nice pace. Even though the tools used to build a mood are
simple, they are used well and achieve their goal of selling the story. Good game!

3 4 4

3 3 3

Nice idea!

3 3 3 yes

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 13, in <module>
import main
File "/home/macarse/Desktop/cripto/panspermia/gamelib/", line 1, in <module>
import data, gamestate, lawn, thing, rain, cursor, cutscene, signage, audio
File "/home/macarse/Desktop/cripto/panspermia/gamelib/", line 114, in <module>
import thing, lawn
File "/home/macarse/Desktop/cripto/panspermia/gamelib/", line 14, in <module>
class Thing (pygame.sprite.Sprite):
File "/home/macarse/Desktop/cripto/panspermia/gamelib/", line 15, in Thing
group = pygame.sprite.LayeredUpdates()
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'LayeredUpdates'

3 5 5

This game DOES make fun, but I think the (last?) level is too hard - The on ewith the UFO attacking your main-plant. At least in my two tries this UFO just came by and zapped it away within 10-20 seconds or so ;(

2 3 3 yes

The game kept freezing on the second tutorial for the acorns. Beautiful graphics and
rotational effects, though.

4 5 4

This is awesome bro!