PyWeek - Universe Factory 25 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 4 4

All around good quality game. Great work!

3 4 4

Neat puzzler

4 4 4

cool story

3 5 4

really interesting idea and very good and professional implementation.

4 5 5

Thanks for a theme-related game. I liked the NPC competition; nice work.

4 5 5

There was a impossible level, but it was very good.

3 4 4

Nice take on the theme! The game was fun and the story is even better! I especially liked the
shaky effect of the ground and whenever on block is decayed.

2 4 2

Good plot.

2 4 4

The art was clear and the animations really sold it. The ripple of the floating platforms when
the explosions happened was stylish. It wasn't that challenging though. There were only a
couple of times that I didn't have the upper hand and my second attempt always worked.

5 5 4

This is a great game. It has a story, cool puzzles, a really great take on "two worlds", a message
of cooperation with others and really high production level. My only gripe is that I wanted an
end cut-scene where I get to see what happens to the protagonists. Really well done and many
congratulations on a fantastic game. :-)

3 5 4

Outstanding production. Your attention to detail never disappoints. :)

I felt confused by the story, though, getting swapped from controlling this guy to that guy;
and then it took most of the boards for me to figure out it was coop. Maybe that was a desired
effect? I couldn't tell, so I took it as part of the challenge.

Overall it was a fun game, very polished visuals, pleasing music (especially the violin
piece, very nice choice), and a funky quirky corny fun story. Nice job as usual!

4 5 5

Great effort. I like the Sci-Fi story.

4 5 4

Lots of fun: the concept was cool, and I really liked the tight integration between the
puzzles, characters, story and theme. Great choice in music matching the mood. I really
enjoyed the story: it was interesting and I liked the banter that went on. The puzzles were not
too difficult: I found that I could solve a bunch of them straight-up first time without too
much thought, others I had to play through a bit. Perhaps the last set of puzzles (purple) could
have been more difficult? You could have added a bunch of extra “unstable” blocks here so you
had to plan out moves in a more cooperative fashion, as to not cut one or both players out of reach
to other crystals.

3 4 3

Nice gui, simple puzzles

5 4 4

much amaze

2 4 2

The tutorial and the first "world" were fine, not fun, but fine. The third one was just to pad
time and the fourth was AGONIZING. Literally just clicking back and forth and waiting for the
animations to finish. Levels were way too easy and rigged for you to win. I can't believe I
played the whole story. The art was well done. Story was super boring

4 4 4

This game was incredibly fun! Great art, Great style!