PyWeek - Universe Factory 23 - feedback

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5 5 4

This was great! It might be shorter than your usual entries, but it is no less impressive. In
fact, for Pyweek I prefer shorter games as they give me more time to play the rest of the batch.

The execution of the bullet hell was very good: the enemies, bosses, and patterns were well
designed. Balance was pretty good; I died 3-4 times but the challenge was on point for me. As
usual, all of this packaged into a very well polished game, with great custom music, story, and

I like how you start with a lot of stuff and end up losing them through the game, which goes
against expectations. I should say though that I felt that that was more of a plot device (which
was interesting, don't get me wrong) than a difficult decision, since any respectable player
would try to optimize towards the best ending and sacrifice themselves completely. :)

Very fun! Thanks for the game!

5 5 5

Great incorporation of theme. + for giving good instructions on what dependencies to install
and including the command to do it. + for allowing miracle mode. + for writing portrait and
landscape. Liked music and voices.

4 4 3

Story is a bit cliche, otherwise quite good game.

4 4 4

I liked the difficulty, challenging without being too frustrating.

1 1 1 yes

my windows can not extract tar.gz

5 5 4

Really, really fun (and I’m terrible at bullet hell games) and I loved the whole story line and
zany characters. I particularly liked the scenes with Cutter, they were great, the voice
actor doing him was really good (and his mugshot is gold). I had to play on miracle mode to get
anywhere: I’m really glad you put this mechanic in, instead of an “indestructible” mode or
something like that, because it meant I could just keep replaying an “authentic” game
experience and not always giving over my stuff everytime, so by the time I got to the end at the
last time, I had it all. One thing I really loved was the music: so frickin sweet! Really set a
nice pace to the game. Flawless production, well done! One tiny suggestion: I like the
cold-start, but I think you need to give the player just menial tasks until the voice-over has
finished telling the prologue ... on my first playthrough I missed what he was saying because I
was busy shooting at things :)

4 4 4

The dilemmas presented have a very tangible effect on the the outcome of the game. I don't think
any other game I've played made me feel "The lesser of two evils" quite so keenly.

3 4 4


4 5 5

very hart to play it through to a good or best ending without a miracle :D

4 5 3

Good entry. Except...I didn't save Gen. Cutter!! :) And I had to --cheat. It was a very
challenging game. Dodging those bullets was nerve-wracking, but they moved slow enough to
afford some skillfulness. Mary's music loops still don't seem to loop: how is that possible?
What skeelz. Fun voices. Why doesn't Christopher get in on the voice acting fun? :D Good
performance on --big (Win7, i7, GeForce GTX 860M), but on --huge 32-bit Python ran out of
memory. But that's just feedback, it did not affect my judging. It still looked great on --big
setting. Thanks for another fun one from the Uni Fac.

4 4 3

Really nice production, even though a bit classic. Quite quick to finish.

4 5 4

Amazing controls, with all the handicaps it's a bullet hell I can actually play decently. Bad
ending is the best I could do though.

5 5 4

a pretty regular starshooter game with a nice storyline