PyWeek - Universe Factory 22 - feedback

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5 5 5

Brilliant as always! A very fun twist on tower defense games. Having to make sure I had the right
combination of towers was fun. I've also enjoyed the story and jokes very much. I've played it
up to stage 2-3 (too many games to play and too little time!) and balancing was spot on for me: not
too easy and not too hard. Keeping in mind what each combination did was a mildly annoying, but
not too bad because of the easy reference sheet. Great game!

5 4 5

A very enjoyable game.

4 5 5

Q: What did the antibody go to the Halloween costume party as? A: As an “immunogobulin”.

5 5 4

Hands down, my favorite. Great job all around.

4 5 4

It was very fun and intriguing. The production was great. The little story line was a nice
touch. Wouldn't be surprised if you win. :)

4 5 5

Great game and a lovely take on the theme!

4 4 4

Fun game. Interesting take on the idea. Controls feel a bit fincky at times, but quite fun.

4 1 4

Wow, what a nice game, I love it.

4 5 4

Excellent … probably the best production values I’ve ever seen in a pyweek entry yet. I really
liked the voice over dialogues and zany characters.

5 5 5

Fantastic game. Love the unique spin on tower defence. It really adds to the gameplay to be able
to move your defences around. Also I love that your defences get pushed around by the
attackers. Starts to look like the real processes going on in a cell. The visual effect of
things moving around organically is very strong. Story-line and voice are excellent also!

4 5 4

More good stuff from the unifac. Solid tower defense. I like what you do with numpy. Wish I could
do that. The agitated mad scientist was funny (shaking the hand-drawn image, haha). Kudos.

4 5 4

nice gfx, I enjoyed the challange

3 4 4

Very slick game.

5 4 5

I just hope the turnips won't fight back when you try to eat them.

4 5 4

it is a newly style tower defense, of courese great works, I really want to learn the idea from