PyWeek - Universe Factory 21 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 5 4

All around solid game, the voice acting and characters were great!

3 4 2

Good game but soon becomes repetitive. I'm not sure does it have end.

3 4 4

Reasonably enjoyable game, although it feels like it feels a bit sandboxy.

3 5 3

Voice over make a difference. Got to the point where the anteater joint my team and I couldn't
find any more nodes to power up.

3 5 3

Graphically, very polished. I likes all the little graphical effects and the glossy ships
with smooth movement and rotation. I like the mechanic of exploration and moving the units
back-and-forth to capture the thingies. It's a little dry but kept me playing. But the lack of
automatic pathfinding is really frustrating. I even got stuck at one point thinking I
couldn't cross some of the rivers, but it was actually the lake. The camera was also a bit
frustrating - I would have liked the ability to click on the main map to pan. And then we come on to
the story, the humour, and the voice acting. And that's very well polished, a little silly, but
it doesn't *sell* it; it doesn't quite lead me through a plot as much as it raises questions it
doesn't answer: "why am I a cow? Is this a wasteland? What was it supposed to look like? What are
these ships we are in? What are these things we are running around charging?" There are lots of
Chekhov's Guns!

1 1 1 yes

I'm on Linux Mint 17 x64 with python 2.7.6, pygame 1.9.1. The game starts fine but when blue
charging station start to appear the ships get stuck and won't travel to where I right-click,
thus making it impossible to continue. Have tried different resolutions and restarting to no

3 5 3

I appreciated dialogues and story

4 4 4

the only missing thing was the icon for the window ;) cool plot sometimes the ships got stuck,
they did not have any pathfinding, right (just straight line)?

3 5 4

Great imagination. The early stages were a bit slow and I couldn't see the point of the objects
you couldn't interact with. It really only became a game in the end stages. The voices and
characterisation amused me. Very slick.

4 4 4

the map seemed a little big, and it is little difficulty ,the art is great, the skill is also quit

5 5 4

Audio is amazing!

3 5 4

My goodness! All of that finding checkpointy things. Phew! The main problem with this phase is
that the checkpoints are easy to find but tedious.

As for the graphics and sound, amazing. They are all very, very professional, 3d,
realistic-ish graphics. The music fits. The voices get quite irritating after hearing them
~100 times each but there's not really much that can be done about that.

I found the bridge thing difficult to work out; the connection energy thing needs to stand out

A slight problem was a runtime error in after the initial introduction. I had to
debug this myself. I cannot remember the exact message but it was fairly straightforward to

4 5 5

This is a mighty game. Everything about it is top notch. I didn't see any areas that lacked
severely. I will give extra detailed feedback because I know you like to receive it. The
"negatives" are not knocks, and didn't affect my scoring except for the fun score.

I played in --large video mode on a WIndows i7 laptop: good performance.

I love exploration games, discovering new territories, light puzzles, a little bit of grind,
and achieving goals. This was a great combo. Yet the game seemed to lack something to get me
hooked early on, and I wasn't sure if I was having fun or just enjoying the audiovisual
experience. In retrospect, perhaps introducing squad puzzles earlier on would have helped
fill the void I felt. Once squad puzzles ramped up it was good fun. I acknowledge this may have
been a design choice to give the player a chance to learn the controls, etc.

I was wishing for a feature to select multiple ships when they are too far apart to drag-select.

I tried using the megamap to click-move a ship, and was disappointed. :) But I acknowledge it
may have detracted from the immersive aspect, which was rather good.

The help/intro was very comfy. Maybe I wasn't paying attention and missed it: was there a help
to bean me on the head about upgrading the ships? I discovered this late in the game and I was like
duh. :D

The puzzles were clever. I really enjoyed this part. And puzzle-action sequence in the boss
encounter was fun. The bridging to get outta there was cute.

I failed to hear some the voice acting possibly because of the pygame mixer; possibly because I
am somewhat hearing challenged. The music level competed with the characters, especially
the mousy one. You might consider a tweak in this area to temporarily reduce music volume to let
the voice have more presence while it is playing. (I know... work/time != pyweek. You can't
think of and do everything.)

The code was solid, the effects stellar, the music loop was clever (again, Mary's talent), I
was glad to see (hear) the voice actors again. Excellent job by all. You all are an inspiration.

4 5 5

This was great! Super top production values, I really like the zany character art, and the
chatter between the characters. I think I missed out on finding the dolphin, I went straight
for the tower when I got five characters. This was a nice idea, slowly moving across the map and
then coming at the end to use the skills you just practiced like 100 times in team work to keep the
chargers going and make the bridge … I feel like it would have been good to have at least one more
group task to do at the end … there was a lot of hovering around and the group-bit at the end was
relatively short.

3 4 3

Very good game, just the level is a bit to big for the few diversity in assets it has. The story
develops quite nice and the characters are also nicely designed.

5 5 5

A game not challenging but still a funny time waster. i don't like too much the characters but
the product is excellent as usual.I love all the space ship/hovercraft/whatever.

4 5 4

Great game. While there isn't much challenge, just the act of exploring was rather fun, and the
production values are top-notch; there's even voice acting! I liked the ending sequence a