PyWeek - Universe Factory 19 - feedback

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4 5 4

Even when you say the game is "terribly incomplete", I find that you do an impressive job. This
was a very interesting game. I liked the component system, though I wish I could sell them.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to play it for too long (I only got to the first supply ship),
but it was really fun while I played it. Music is also excellent and fits perfectly into the
game. Well done!

4 4 3

The tetris engine room was properly aggravating (in a good way). Nice puzzle design.

If you were going for exploration and a little CRPG, you hit it. The mining and surveying seemed
to lack a sense of achievement; maybe I was just craving a test of skill there.

The story was a pleasant surprise. It fit well with the play style. "Spacebucks" made me

The music was very nice. Great piece, Mary! Amazingly it did not get old or obviously loop as the
game went on.

I appreciate your eye for appealing artwork. You come up with some great looks in your games.

The click-to-move hurt the fahrvergnugen. I was wishing for something a bit less jolting. But
I don't suppose another approach would have worked well against those little baddies popping
up in your face. I didn't let this affect the score.

Alas, no final cut scene. If only we had more time! :) Still very nice for a Pyweek. Congrats
Cosmo and Mary. Thanks for a fun and enjoyable experience. This is a big part of why I look
forward to Pyweek.

3 3 3

Great music. The asteroid hunting and killing things felt awkward. The idea seems promising
but it's a very tenuous connection to the theme.

4 4 3

Nice take on the theme! I really enjoyed the conduit layout mini-game. The rest of the game is a
bit cliché. I feel like there is some lore that has not been fully expanded, but as it is now, it's
not that engaging. (I did play to the end though.) The space-flight view is claustrophobic --
it's hard to avoid anything at full speed when I can barely see as far as my nose. Good writing and
neat music!

3 5 4

Impressive content for a week. The puzzle part to connect the different systems of the ship is a
nice addition to the gameplay. Unfortunately, the progression through farming is
detrimental to the game's experience. Repeatedly scoping stars and planets is no fun.

4 4 4

I would have given a max Fun rating if only I had keyboard control of the ship and its systems.
Otherwise this was excellent, very cool, I was sucked in for HOURS playing this. Thank you.

4 5 4

Great job.

5 4 5

Waoh! This was awesome! The main music is great and it is nice to have background story, but the
gameplay is the best! Arranging the different modules using conduits is challenging, and
using different power supplies makes it even more interesting. Cause you have to think about
what modules you plan to use simultaneously before you go outside, and this is IMO the best idea
in the game. I was just so frustrated when the game closed after I found the forgotten angel...

5 5 4

Holy Crap! This game is good. Nice mechanics. Good balancing. Graphics are nice. Story is
good, and well executed. Very innovative way to interpret the theme. The ship layout mini game
is a very nice touch. The game is so good I can hardly believe that it took only one week to make it.
Only negative point: I couldn't find the epilogue mentioned after beating the game. Btw, I
played the game on a laptop with touchscreen, and I thought it could easily be played on a
smartphone with its controls. You should really consider porting it.

4 3 4

This is a pretty interesting game. I really liked the engine configuration mini-game. This
feels quite a natural way to upgrade your ship. I can see how that could really generate some
interesting gameplay. The graphics in the space section were really nice too. I liked the
parallax effect of the stars. I did get a bit confused in trying to get the drill to work but seems
like a very nicely done game.

4 4 4

Good stuff, nice concept, professional production, great graphics and music, ambitious
concept, one that had the most potential for depth (I think) compared to any other game in the
competition. Only downside is that it feels unfinished, but I can see how given another week it
would have been rich with additional characters, storylines, ships etc. Still, this game
kept me playing for the longest time compared to others in the competition.

4 4 3

I really like this game. Too bad it's not quite complete, though "terribly incomplete"
doesn't describe my experience.

I like how the game looks, and I like the music. Lack of sounds is a shame, but doesn't hurt the
experience too much.

I like how the game plays. My only gripes are the way the map is brought up (I accidentally
brought it up several times, and it sometimes gets in the way), and the way you fly (I would
prefer a keyboard-based method). The game doesn't have a proper ending, but I still enjoyed
what was there.

One thing that I did feel was kind of off: the connection to the "one room" theme. The ship you're
flying is said to have only one room. This connection to the theme is rather tenuous; the ship
having only one room never comes into play. It's just mentioned off-hand in text once and never
bothered with again.

Overall, it's a somewhat incomplete, but very enjoyable game.

4 4 4

The game can be quite addictive actually. The gameplay is easy to understand and the music and
graphics are nice.

1 1 1 yes

I got past the dilog and then after i started the engine and clicked it crashed so i opened it up in
a cmd and here is the traceback C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\forgotten-angel\src\
RuntimeWarning: use surfa rray: no module named numpy or Numeric found (ImportError: no
module named numpy or Numeric found) alphas = pygame.surfarray.pixels_alpha(img0)
Traceback (most recent call last): File
"C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\forgotten-angel\", line 3, in from src import main
File "C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\forgotten-angel\src\", line 26, in scene0.draw()
File "C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\forgotten-angel\src\", line 102, in d raw
state.state.drawviewport() File
"C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\forgotten-angel\src\", line 253, in drawv iewport
e.draw() File "C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\forgotten-angel\src\", line 24, in
draw img.worlddraw(self.imgname, (self.x, self.y), self.angle, scale = scale, alp ha =
alpha) File "C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\forgotten-angel\src\", line 129, in worlddr
aw draw(imgname, vista.worldtoscreen(worldpos), angle = angle, scale = scale, a lpha =
alpha) File "C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\forgotten-angel\src\", line 123, in draw img
= getimg(imgname, angle, scale, alpha, bad) File
"C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\forgotten-angel\src\", line 114, in getimg alphas =
pygame.surfarray.pixels_alpha(img0) File
"B:\Python\lib\site-packages\pygame\", line 70, in __getattr__ raise
NotImplementedError(MissingPygameModule) NotImplementedError: surfarray module not
available (ImportError: no module named numpy or Numeric found)