PyWeek - Universe Factory 16 - feedback

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1 3 4

Kind of interesting but way way way too much to try and focus on at once.

4 4 4

Interesting. Really evokes a feeling of being in an alternate universe where things work
according to their own rules. Multiplayer aspect didn't really come through, though. It's
not hard to unlock even the largest nodes on your own.

3 4 5

Pretty cool idea for a game, but the mechanics lead to being the ultimate game for free loaders
where you can drift though on other peoples success. Tweaking to force a more varied use of
towers would be good.

2 3 5

It is boring, and it is very hard understand what you must do. Sorry.

4 4 4

Hey, this game is fun to play! Reminds me of the Commodore Amiga era... the idea is pretty nice,
and I was playing more than an hour to beat it totally immersed in the game. The story also adds a
nice touch. Great work!

2 4 4


2 4 4

The idea was very nice, but it was not possible to communicate with other players

4 4 4

Didn't try to multiplayer, but my wife and I sat around for a while turning tiles and having fun,
so I count that as a big win.

3 3 4

The mechanic of the persistent world is interesting, and the storyline was intriguing.

It's hard to tall if other people are on the server and doing stuff, which makes the multiplayer
aspect a bit of a random factor.

I found the server sometimes slow to respond, which created some confusing behaviours when
the client and server got a bit out of sync.

2 2 4

While I like the idea, the cold-start was incredibly difficult. I liked that you had a tutorial
- a rarity in compo games - but it wasn't quite enough to make me feel like I knew what I was doing.
The journal comments you made covered the mechanical complexity corner you backed yourself
into, and were very enjoyable to read :)

3 4 4

I found this very interesting, and frustrating :) It took me a while to figure out what is it all
about, then I started to enjoy it. I liked the story! But I didn't manage to get into the boss
server for some reason, this happens when I click join boss server: No handlers could be found
for logger "src.client" Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 2, in
main.main() File "/Users/zsombor/Downloads/pyweek/last-will/src/", line 50,
in main client.think(dt) File
"/Users/zsombor/Downloads/pyweek/last-will/src/", line 112, in think
clientstate.applydelta(*args) File
"/Users/zsombor/Downloads/pyweek/last-will/src/", line 36, in
applydelta for oldstate, newstate in gridstate.applydelta(delta): File
"/Users/zsombor/Downloads/pyweek/last-will/src/", line 226, in applydelta for
dstate in self.sectors[tuple(spos)].applydelta(sdelta): KeyError: (0, -1)

3 5 4

What an ambitious project. I commend your attention to detail at every turn. I was able to set up
my own local server without much challenge.

Ultimately though, were the game suffered is fun. I think that perhaps had I some friends to
play against this would have become instantly more exciting. Also the process of fighting
away the mould was genuinely tedious.

In all, this game stands head and shoulders above other games in this Pyweek

4 5 4

This is really neat. :)

5 5 4

Awesomely done cosmo! I'm actually thinking about getting together a party of friends and
playing together with communication! Nice job on making sure the nodes have similar colored
nodes adjacent on sides, makes it impossible for no defense wins.

3 4 4

Tiles are a bit difficult to read, but otherwise great job.

3 4 5

Very cool game but a bit too difficult for me :(

3 4 4

Amazing game. Just to point something not perfect: I don't like the combat music, but it's a
matter of taste I guess :). Besides that, I think it's a good idea, with an interesting backing
story and deep gameplay. I needed some minutes to get used to the game mechanics, and because of
that it didn't feel "fun" at first. The multi-player shared environment is a plus, although I
don't like the server requirement to play. Congratulations, you did it again!