PyWeek - Universe Factory 10 - feedback

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Very interesting concept, works nicely as a game as the gameplay is different than usual. I appreciate the nice tutorial, though it could have also mentioned that the character could move also up and down so it can keep the last tower of the first level wobbling. I wasn't able to get past the last two guards of the second level for some reason (couldn't reach the last tower). Anyway, it was fun.

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Python 2.6, PyOpenGL 3, PyGame 1.9.1, MacOSX 10.4.10 PPC, Radeon 9000 Pro
% python2.6
2010-04-15 21:58:49.637 Python[775] GLUT Warning: glutInit being called a second time.
Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault

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I think it takes just a bit too much work to get the towers wobbling. But I like the concept.

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This game gets very tedious quickly, if you had of decreased the amount of effort required to tip the tower things would have improved significantly. I liked your concept and the introduction was well put together I think .

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pretty good game.. i like the game mechanics.

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Love the concept. A little flow-breaking though, running back and forth.

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Really nice game. I think it was a little bit too difficult for me.

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Pretty good, although it didn't hold my attention that well personally. the camera was a bit annoying to use, since I wanted to use my right hand for the arrow keys (small desk so don't have the space to slide over to left hand on arrows, right hand on mouse)

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I can play through the tutorial level just fine. But at the start of level one, the camera starts spinning around and the guy just moves in circles when I press the arrow keys.

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Interesting idea. Maybe with some menus to select the levels (instead of doing it passing parameters) and a few improvements in some visual details, the result would have been more impressive.

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It technically works, but feels empty both visually and gameplay-wise. Wobbling the towers takes a lot of effort and is not very rewarding.

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I loved the idea but it wasn't fantastic in action unfortunately. Still, a really cool idea.

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Awesome game love the uh, towers.

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The gameplay is very innovative, but unbearable.

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Very interesting concept, just try to made it more challenging, actually it's a mere robotic task to accomplish.

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Neat idea but it gets a bit tedious in the later parts...

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Love the idea.