PyWeek - Underworld Kerfuffle - feedback

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3 3 3

nice game but nothing special

1 2 2

unplayable with keyboard and mouse, no instructions!

2 2 3

Patched the game as per the comments to allow keyboard fireballs. So the fireballs collide
with enemies. Is there a way to loose or win?

2 4 2

the controls were a bit awkward. looks pretty though

2 3 2

It looks promising, but unfinished. You can't miss the keyboard control, you should add a fire

1 2 1

No gameplay worth speaking about.

I would have preferred full keyboard controls rather than requiring a gamepad.

1 2 2

What are you even supposed to do?

1 1 1

It's not really a game is it? You should probably mention that next to the download.

1 2 1

My keyboard doesn't have a FIRE key. :-(

2 2 1

Well, good start I guess. I couldn't figure out how to shoot fireballs without a game pad,
though, so all I was able to do was walk around the map.

1 2 1

Even using a gamepad I couldn't do much. Good luck next time.

1 1 1 yes

Running around for awhile with nothing more happening then a few guys ineffectually chasing
me around with pitch forks and torches, I figure I'll just say: good try. It looks like it could
have gone somewhere. Also, because it was the only real feature of the game, the graphics could
have blended with itself much less. It was difficult to discriminate obstacles from terrain
and some enemies from the ground. The game is too monochromatic.

1 2 1