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A complete noobie in game programming, I'm learning by writing my own game library. Pyweek is a way of testing that library, subject to the rules, of course ;-)


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Just entered PyWeek September 2008!

Just got back from the Nozstock festival, which was about the best of any I can remember. Feeling a bit knackered, and can't write much code. Instead, I've just entered the compo for September 2008. Hurray!

I'm working on a hobby project which requires me to get to grips with game programming technology. I'm using Pyglet 1.1. I'm having to write my own game engine, and PyWeek is a way of testing that engine (as well as pointing up my lack of game design expertise).

My plan is to release the library a month before the start date, to comply with the rules. By my reckoning, that means on or before 7th August.

The library is called GEFFA (Good Enough For a First Attempt), and will be published under GPL version 3. Here's what's working so far:

  • homogeneous coordinates
  • resource file loader
  • camera control
  • debug console

So, the work I've got left before August is

  1. animation framework
  2. simple shading effects
  3. documentation

I wouldn't be surprised if my PyWeek entry ends up being a bit lame, but if it gets some testing for GEFFA, I'll be happy. Best get on with it then...

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GEFFA now available for download

After beavering away the last few nights, I'm happy to say that my game library is ready to download! You can get it from the GEFFA project page.

I didn't quite get all the features working as I'd hoped. In the spirit of the PyWeek rules, I'm not going to develop any new functionality until after the competition, although I'd like to fix the spin and toonify routines which are currently broken. Other than that, I'm going to concentrate on improving the documentation, and responding to any questions or bug reports which may come in.

It's a big weight off my mind now it's up on the web. It will be so cool to be able to spend time on the design of the game rather than grappling with the basics, and I think I've done enough now to be able to submit something that functions. I'm developing on MacOSX, but I've tested the download on WinXP, too.

Hope you can take the time to give it a whirl. It only takes five minutes to download and run the demo. I'd be very grateful for any feedback you've got for me! I'm going to be busy catching up on other things for the next few days, but if there are any changes to make I should be able to get another release out in about a fortnight's time.