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I feel like you had the germ of a great idea that never got turned into an actual game. Definitely a neat idea, anyway. The motion also seemed pretty jerky for me, even though the fps counter was pretty reasonable, in the 20s.

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Imaginative concept. Interesting use of pyrex to speed up some of your code sections, I think you have really gone out of your way to explore tools not often used by pyweek game-makers, you are a python-pyoneer. Some sounds and music and more game elements (like things to collect or other goals to achieve) would have really helped the fun and production values .

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very good result!

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very pretty game. not exceptionally fun but felt interesting to play.

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The gameplay might be a bit simple, but I really like that procedurally generated twisty path. It's simple dodging, but it's still fun, as you sometimes confuse directions when not going up, and some of the wobbly things later on are harder to dodge. A relaxing music would fit very well with this game. I sort of wish you did more with the generated path rather than just using it as a path, though (but I don't have anything interesting in mind either - something not-interesting-but-maybe-can-be-developed would be having things pop out from the tips of the curly paths and go to the main path).

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It's hard for my to be objective because i'm distracted by the nice look of your ever growing tree :)

Playing your game was more kind of a relaxing experience than to be challenged and have fun of that. But the fading tree that grows and grows just looks great.

So it's more a meditation than a game and with a matching background music it would be even better. Nice entry!

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great game..

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Very pleasing to look at but not an especially fun game.

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Pretty graphics and a refreshing idea, but it's not that much fun in the end.

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Smooth graphics, but a bit unrewarding. If it was the not-endless path, I might have pushed on to see if I could reach the end.

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visually great, but boring

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It's just so pretty! I think the fun factor could be even higher without the "game" part, since I don't think it adds much.

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Rather neat graphics, interesting course, not much fun.

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The production was very very good, and would have given you an exceptional if there had been sound.

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I like it. I want to go forever.

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Pretty fun. Nice font. Like the fade transitions.

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Awesome track!

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Nice graphics. Okay gameplay. Needs audio.

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Gameplay is not quite captivating but the graphics are beautiful. Production would be a lot higher if you had some music.

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Very disappointingly, because this game looks beautiful, it crashes for me as soon as the
player-pearl-whatever-thing starts to move.

MacOSX 10.4, PPC

warning: cython not available (No module named pyximport) pyglet from
/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek10/endless-path-7/pyglet/ _euclid not
available: cannot import name _euclid _curve not available: cannot import name _curve
Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 12, in main.main() File
"/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek10/endless-path-7/gamelib/", line 37, in main File
"/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek10/endless-path-7/cocos/", line 412, in run File
"/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek10/endless-path-7/pyglet/app/", line 133, in run
self._run_estimated() File
"/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek10/endless-path-7/pyglet/app/", line 161, in
_run_estimated timeout = self.idle() File
"/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek10/endless-path-7/pyglet/app/", line 270, in idle
redraw_all = self.clock.call_scheduled_functions(dt) File
"/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek10/endless-path-7/pyglet/", line 301, in
call_scheduled_functions item.func(dt, *item.args, **item.kwargs) File
"/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek10/endless-path-7/gamelib/", line 405, in update
p.update(dt) File "/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek10/endless-path-7/gamelib/",
line 307, in fade_out self.vertex_list1.colors[3:len(l)*4:4] = l TypeError: sequence
index must be integer, not 'slice'

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As you said is a great tech demo.

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some music and/or sounds would also have been a nice addition.

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nice technical effects but too boring

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heh, the frame-rate indicator tells me I'm getting almost 20,000 fps at the game over srceen :)

Nice game.