PyWeek - The Olde Battleaxe 3 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 5 2

Good fun. Really long story (for a game made in a week) and funny characters.
Many pop culture references. Character graphics are OK, while backgrounds are very good, but the music takes the prize. The main theme is *very* catchy and the cutscene/lair music is adequately haunting. Some minor issues with the palette, and you also can't skip single sentences without skipping the whole dialog. Both minor bugs in relation to the scope of this game. Only aspect lacking is innovation.

3 5 2

A quite classic idea, and interesting. Very cool graphics, although the storyline was a bit dull (had more fun with the Monkey Island references that the game itself)

3 4 5

Short game time, but nice and funny. Very nice detail graphics. Good idea

4 5 4

Since my system runs the game and it looks exceptional, I am voting that way for production.

4 4 3

Nice game.

4 4 4

nice game! somewhat short.

4 5 4

Very nice looking entry, and fun to play also. I'm still working my way through it (which is already a great sign, since it has kept my attention for this long...) I like all the funny dialogs, etc., and the music is also appropriate.

3 5 3

I had the weird palette problem :(

4 4 3

Great work by phil hassey and the gang! Took me a while to figure out how to beat it, funny mastermind ending.

5 5 1

Obviously inspired by monkey island, perhaps a little too much so! Great game, please make it into a full length adventure!

4 4 3

A walk down Lucasart memory lane.

2 3 3


3 5 4


4 4 2

I love LucasArts adventures, so this game was fun to play. The graphics, music, and jokes all worked very well. The minigames were nicely done--not frustrating like they can be in this type of game.

3 5 1

A really start-to-the-end game - not too bad for a week! although there were nice minigames, this is just another quest - there must be a really quite big amount of humor to be successful - and that surely takes much time to do.

4 4 3

I had loads of fun with this one, though like monkey island it's replay value isn't all that much. Nice idea, very good graphics, good music.

5 5 3

OMG, a graphic adventure :) - What can I say about it? Fun, great music, well done (ok, not my kind of drawings, but great production anyway)... awesome game! Too bad is so short, but I guess maybe it's better like this (instead of some kind of "you beat the level! too bad there is no ending and there never will"). Plain awesome, great work!

5 5 3

Hilarious, fun, and great production!

5 5 3

- Great story.
- Nice implementation.

3 5 3

Very slick and very nicely put together with a great story. Nothing overly new and exciting. I'm also not a big fan of these types of games, but that's just personal bias.

5 4 3

Great Game! Of course it's a bit short, but it's really well produced for the time involved. THe plot is campy enough for this style of game without trying to hard. The puzzles are just right as far was figuring them out easy / hard.

4 4 3

Quite fun, though a little on the quick and easy side.

5 4 4

This is a complete and enjoyable game. Very well done indeed!

4 5 4

Quite fun, but too short and easy, and the minigames weren't particularly inspired. I did love the Tarot cards. That said, the humour was top-notch, and I love the game engine. I'd love to see what could be done with it with more than a week's time to make the game.

4 4 3

The game succeeded in catching my attention. "Why is the One Ring second?" that was great :D

4 4 2

I love adventure games, so I guess I'm biased. In any case I liked it. The minigames were a nice
icing on the cake too. I had some graphics problems, but that didn't ruin my experience so it was
ok. The puzzles were ok, but not very challenging. At least they were not obscure like in some
other games.

4 5 4

Wow, an actual adventure game in a week! Plot, puzzles... this was really cool, even if I'm not that great at adventure games :)

4 5 3

yes, yes, we all remember and love that island

4 5 2

Fantastic game. It makes me very nostalgic for the Sierra adventure game days. Also, nice
touch on the minigames being playable standalone.

2 4 2

There was way too much stuff that "reminded" me of Monkey Islands and there were a lot of cliches. The graphics are pleasant and it's nice to see this kind of a game too in a one-week compo.

4 5 4

I loved this game! The world needs more adventure games imo :)

5 5 5

Comments are almost redundant... "Town" music is a masterpiece, smile-inducing like few. Gameplay seems flawless. Humor aplenty. Mastermind as the final challenge was, well, I'm no master mind - I was about to fail and wanted to try again but apparently "wimp out" meant cheating my way past, so... bummer I guess.

Overall rating is definitely ":D"

4 3 2

It's a really nice and funny, albeit short, LucasArts style adventure. I like the music and the overall feel - only the graphics could be more polished. The mini-game approach works mostly quite well, and the puzzles are actually logical (perhaps even too easy at times).