PyWeek - Camel walrus studios - feedback

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3 4 2

nice game. got lost in the forrest even with compass. wanted to kill someone. gave up.

3 5 3

Wonderful graphics and the music is nice too. I don't like these types of adventures that much in general, but this one was quite nice to play anyways because of the nice graphics. Sometimes I just didn't know where I should go or what I should do.

3 3 3

I liked the camelwalrus. I couldn't get through the gate though.

5 5 4

I really liked this game, got to both endings. I enjoyed the set of music very much, fits the game nicely. Something that made me stuck for a long while was that I always use the 'get' command in these types of games, but this game only accepted 'take'. Maybe letting the user know at least about the commands 'take' and 'use' (another one that made me stuck) would be better. I liked the little jokes in it. I enjoyed the puzzles, they were fun and not too hard (I just didn't understand how to use the compass, I guessed the directions through the images, I'm not sure if that's intended). I appreciate all the effort of taking photos yourselves of the game and, considering how well it added to the game and how good looking they were, that scored you an extra production point from me (I wouldn't have thought I'd give a 5 as production score for an interactive fiction game, but, great music that blends well with the game, great photographs that also add a lot to the game, I think it really deserves it). The story was good but actually I enjoyed the puzzles, photos and exploration more. Excellent job.

3 3 3

Reminds me of the HHGTTG text adventure :)

2 3 2

I didn't find much actual fun here, apart from being randomly impaled by a Camel-walrus... I think the day of the text-based adventure may have passed... Nice pictures though!

4 4 3

Sweet game! I always enjoy text games, and this one was nicely enjoyable. I got to repair much of the ladder, but after using the branch, pipe and table leg, I wasn't sure what else to try. All told, great game! I struggled for a while typing "get foo" instead of "take foo", so I didn't think inventory was supported for a while. But I was able to figure out a chunk of it -- nice job on the camel walrus -- it was an enchanting and funny world -- I might come back to it after I have more energy from judging. Nicely done!

3 3 2

Nice work! I like your game, even if txt adventures are a bit retro. I got stuck in the forest though :(

4 4 3

Good job, I really enjoyed the visual / text entry style game. I got a ways in the game, never figured out how to fix that darn ladder, though.

4 4 3

The music and images are great, but I'm giving 4/5 on production because of the text engine. I tried to find these in-jokes you mentioned, but everything I tried it just said it didn't understand, or that I couldn't see an object that was clearly in the text description. It took me a while to figure out I had to say "take" rather than "get".

2 4 1

Vintage game :)

4 4 3

Besides needing a better parser, this is a great text adventure. I spent 20 minutes trying to
"get" everything only to be told I could not! Finally I found "take". Music gets a bit
repetitive also. But it was enjoyable, and I love these sorts of games, so thank you for the
experience. Note that the production score would be a 5 with a better parser. I have no qualms
with the graphics or music (except music could be longer, but that's a tiny thing to complain
about.) I really liked the graphical style, made it more than just a "text" adventure.

2 4 2

I don't understand the purpose of the game and its relevance to the challenge (Length of the string)

1 3 2

Mmm... we left the fun at home?

3 4 3

Guys, learn about image compression, please!
Also, I couldn't really do anything except move around and then I got to the top of the tree and couldn't go anywhere else.

3 4 3

i didn't feel like mapping out the woods maze. nice to see an old school text adventure again.

2 2 2

Too difficult, and help sucks.

4 4 4

I had to peek into the code for some hints but nevertheless: A well-done textadventure.

3 4 3

The fun was spoiled for the dumb input interpreter. Need to accept more variations (ex: take -
pick - get) Offer completion ( ex take cannister ( if you are looking at a cannister of mustard
gas ) ), and even : P>take C>what of [list of objects in sight, in the spell that the interpreter
will accept] Its look intriging, but I quit early due the interpreter noianse. But if there are
a post compo edition, I will try it. update: I completed the game, atracted by the good
mysterious ambient, and looking at code when things too irritating. Hey, in the forest if you
go west and go east you not return to the starting point !!! Thats off the rules !!! And, a
baguette for the ladder ? Come on, a tree branch, well, ok, but a baguette ? :-) Final opinion: I
liked the history, and the ambient was well builded. Flexibilizing a little the interpreter
and fixing the forest will produce a likeable game. Good work !

2 4 2


2 3 2

I can't see how I'm supposed to get near the gate to use the
gateopener on it. I've never been good with camel-walruses...

2 4 3

Well - not my style of game... I miss some kind of auto-complete or "intelligent correct"... taking the cardboard box in the beginning required 4 commands from me [2 times spelling mistakes XD and one time just "take cardboard"].

4 4 2

I suck at text adventures.

2 3 3

Cool idea. A text adventure game with visualizations.

2 5 3

Great graphics and sound.

3 5 3

Very pretty game, good music. I got stuck, hint system would be nice...

3 5 3

Very nice looking game. Not really a fan of these games but it looked great.