PyWeek - the invisible hand of adam smith - feedback

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4 4 5

very great!!

3 5 5

Definitely innovative. I finally explored 64%, although I cheated somewhat to find a couple of the storylines that I was interested in. It was somewhat difficult to explore new branches in the game, because (a) there were so many steps involved that it's easy to forget what I did at each step last time, and (b) it's not clear when you're at a branch point. If the branch points were pointed out somehow I could try to remember what I was doing at that point and make a different choice next time.

I would have liked some eerie sound effects or swirling visual effects. You know, like when you go through the book in Myst. But even though your presentation was very simple, I'm giving you 5/5 on Production because you obviously put a whole lot of time into the story, and you took the time to port it to android. (I didn't try it out, but I trust you that it works.) I appreciate both of these things.

2 3 5

Interesting concept. Was a bit hard to figure what words went where.

2 2 4

Cool idea, I kept going round in circles though. It would be better if the character in the story had obvious goals so that I knew what to work towards.

The interface should distinguish between phrases you can remove and those that can be replaced.

4 3 4

Interesting game. The interface isn't ideal, as the highlighting is often a bit hard to pick up on, and the feedback for why some things tried don't work is a bit lacking.

3 3 4

Although the branching felt odd and unnatural at times, the stories were quite interesting (I've played through 51% of it), and the idea was really creative.

On a side note, you haven't been specific enough with the graphics' licenses, especially since you modified the files. You should have indicated each file's source (I mean, which file maps to which source) as well as their licensing.

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An interesting idea, although there seemed to be no particular rule to the text mutations.

3 3 3

nice game ;)

4 3 5

Was a bit fun i had difficulties finding separate routes

4 5 5

"I found school under my desk" hahahaha

1 1 1 yes

There was a problem with the zip: Path too long. I had to struggle finding a way to unzip it. Once I had it unpacked, it was an easter egg hunt to find Next time please use skellington.

Unfortunately, all that did not get me going. Windows 7, Python 2.6.2, pygame 1.9.1.

C:/Python26/pythonw.exe -u "/pyweek13/PyWeek-13-finals/tihoas/Gregor"
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/pyweek13/PyWeek-13-finals/tihoas/Gregor", line 34, in <module>
ImportError: No module named

3 5 5

good idea

3 4 5

The core mechanic is really interesting and I had quite a bit of fun exploring the landscape of the book.

4 3 4

sadly no sound

4 4 5

Very interesting idea, very well executed.

It isn't always that obvious how the words interact with each other. Sometimes a replacement alters the sentence slightly, other times it changes the scene completely. It would be nice to have some kind of indication of what's about to happen. That's fairly minor, though

5 4 5

Something actually new. Impressive.

1 2 2

It was kinda interesting, but I didn't necessary have fun playing it.

3 5 5

books! certainly experimental.

3 3 5

Interesting. There seems to be little logic in what effects the word changes trigger. I would have expected this to lead to a chaotic and unfulfilling game, but it did not. The game is still very dream-like (and this fits the concept well) but there is enough story to make the exploration rewarding. I wish the game had more than just exploration though — some way that the player could use the information they've pieced together to make a difference.

Music and sounds are definitely a big missed opportunity as they would go a long way to underpinning the atmosphere.

4 4 4

I'm in a week. I'm in a game week. I'm a pygame. Competition week. I'm trapped in a pyweek competition game. Help...

3 4 4

Whoah, crazy. But also felt a little meaningless

2 4 5

Boy was that confusing.

3 3 5

Thank you, enjoyed it ... after a while. :) I think music would have been a great improvement for
this one.

2 4 4

Well, I got lost after few pages. At the end of my path I'm not able to recap what happened... maybe I've some problem with the language.
Nice idea and very original interpratation of the theme.
Plus nice pics, just few people are so brave to show their own face :)

2 4 5

Confusing game but ambitious and innovative

3 3 5

interesting idea

3 4 5

Not really funny game but it is consistent with kafka style