PyWeek - 4E and T. (The Furlaans) - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 2 2

Nastiest character.

3 2 2

Game was a bit basic. A good effort.

2 3 2

maybe little boring game

2 2 2

Well, this game of game feels a bit stale.
I didn't enjoy it very much.

2 2 2

The movement controls weren't that nice and core gameplay wasn't that much fun.

2 2 3

I liked the base idea, kill birds to fill pillows in a factory. But the actual gameplay could have used some polish :)

2 3 2

nothing special but it's ok for a simple game. Lots of craziness is always good. I'd prefer it if the player character could move faster though

4 3 3

This game is mad! It's quite fun, but the character moves a bit slow. Good sounds, the speed and whole feel of the game seems to be a bit psychodelic for me.

2 3 2

john moves pretty slow. didn't seem like there was much to the game, with two programmers i would expect a bit more...

2 2 2

You need to pause for a second or at least flash some text up on the screen to say when you change levels. I was playing and wondering why it was going on for more than 45 seconds, and there's never any sort of lull in the action when you can read the status bar. The controls were also sort of a pain because you can't hold down the keys. But, the game works, it's a good use of the theme, it doesn't crash, and it's a good level of challenge. So overall not too bad.

4 3 2

Fairly fun and original, amusing; short in terms of variety/complexity

2 1 3

I found the controls awkward - if you could at least hold down the arrow keys to move, instead of repeatedly hitting them, it would have helped...

2 2 2 yes

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Hah's melody and lyrics remain restricted under a copyright filed in 1945 by
the Walt Disney Music Company. Additionally, no sources were provided for the rather
disparate sound clips used in this game, leading me to strongly suspect theft of other
intellectual property. Copyright violations are clearly against the rules of PyWeek.

3 3 2


4 3 3

I liked the rainbow feather, apparently.

1 2 2

Another minigame this PyWeek....

3 2 3

Other than the annoyance of having to press left-and-right repeatedly rather than being able to hold them down, a simple but fairly decent little shooting game.

3 3 3

no new things when going to next level, that vanishes the fun in short time.<br>

1 3 2

Birds appear in the middle of the screen. Not much gameplay after a while. Unusual story.

2 3 4

I really liked the "Pillow factory idea". It just wasn't so much fun to play this game! Maybe you could have added some more things, which would make the gameplay more interesting.

2 2 1

Not as good as space invaders.

1 2 1

I guess you enjoyed making it more than I enjoyed playing :).

2 2 1


3 2 1

Nice music.

4 3 3

While this game demostrates a very innovative way to make pillows, the game itself is a (not that innovative) mixture of a move-, shoot- and collect-/dodge-game. But it's fun!

2 3 2

Gameplay didn't hold my interest for very long.

The player moves too slowly to be able to dodge "bombs" properly, especially from low-flying birds.

There needs to be more visual variety in the various counters and maybe a notification or something when the level increases. It's hard to find what I'm looking for in the wall of red text.

1 1 1 yes

:~/Downloads/pyweek-9-all/the_furlaans$ python John\'s\ Pillow\ factory\ final/John\'s\ Pillow\ Factory/
non carica"data/aaa.bmp" Couldn't open data/aaa.bmp

3 2 2

Given that this is a move-n-shoot arcade style game, the controls are a bit of a weakness.

3 3 3

not bad

3 3 2

Great game! I really enjoyed playing around with it and it didn't crash at all! (unlike my entry!) :-)

2 2 1

Nice idea, but boring after a while...

2 2 2

well done on finishing. not very fun, and the good job sounds irritated me. I liked the bird
artwork. Also i wish there was more to do with the pillow factory!!

3 3 2

Love the sound effects. L and R movement seemed slow and clunky.

3 1 4

Could be an interesting game. About to be considered an unique game, but the lack of care in the prodution part affects the rest negativelly. Making brilliant games is possible, and you're in the right track, just need lots to research and experiment.