PyWeek - the second world - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 4 3

Great game. I like your style. FPS go down if you fire too much bullets thought.

2 3 2

I didn't think the concept was very strong.

2 3 2

Pretty decent thing you have going for a one person team in a week. I can't say it had anything
particularly innovative for this style of game, but it was functional and the game was

2 3 3

OK platformer game.

I encountered a few annoying bugs (suddenly jumping to the top of the screen, for example),
which hurt the score.

3 5 3

I really liked the art, but I found the controls a bit awkward.

3 3 3


3 2 3

I like the look of the game, but the enemy lasers cause the frame rate to drop continuously to the
point where it's unplayable.

2 4 2

GFX and sound were good here - I liked the syle. Game felt a bit sluggish (could be my PC!). Some
hazards weren't clear or all that interesting. Good effort with the story etc.

2 4 1 yes

The graphics in this were pretty cool, and I liked the overall style. However it barely broke
being '8-bit' in style. And there was no 8-bit presence in the theme of the game. I think that the
controls worked ok, but everything was happening too fast. The recoil from hitting enemies,
the fire rate of all the guns, even just movement in general was way too fast. Strange jump
behavior when holding the button down. I wasn't able to get all 3 keys with 3 lives. In fact I am
not sure what happens when you open a door because I was never able to do that either.

3 4 3

Very nice visual and audio theme here -I liked the terrain and character sprites. The level
does feel a bit 'crowded' though, perhaps it would be better to space the enemies and cannons
out a bit more. The cannons/turrets were also a bit on the hardcore side. This is good entry, I
liked it.

3 3 4

Very nice game.

I had to give up before finding more than one key because lag increased to the point where I could
no longer control the character properly.

What I saw before then was impressive. This game accurately captures the feel of the old
platformers I used to play as a kid.

2 2 1

Camera not showing where you are headed was annoying, but I liked how fast character was
moving. And come on, pixelated graphics does not automatically mean "8-bit".

1 4 3

Nice music and all in all a nice game, but it had a ton of bugs with jumping suddenly propelling
you to outside the screen and noticeable frame drops after the second key.

3 4 3

Nice graphics.

3 4 3

Turrets sometimes shoot a constant stream of bolts and there's nothing(?) the player can do
about it - just a kamikaze attack. Most of the time I have to jump 'blind' there are no clues on
where platforms are, you just can't see them. Jumping feels strange.

2 2 2

The intro starts a little bit too slow, I guess you used the same delay for all the texts (?).
During the game something makes it go slower and slower until is barely playable (when I try to
quit the game I had to kill the process). The graphics are good and it has all the components to be
a good shooter/platformer but there are too many rough edges and that spoils the fun. It the
controls and the physics were better, it would a very different game. Also add some sound
effect to make it feel more polished. Still, very impressive for your second attempt!

3 5 3

the graphic, the sounds etc. are awesome, the gameplay is nothing new and in my opinion too much
difficult (the second level is hard to explore, I gave up quickly), anyway it looks like a retro
game, nice try!

2 3 2

The game is playable and I can see potential. My issues were with the shooting enemies (who
shoot in a constant stream of bullets) and how the player has no way to maneuver against it.
However, your are style is nice. Reminds me of a twist on the Sword and Sworcery artwork. Keep on
working at it!

4 4 2

Very good game! I'll admit I'm kind of tired of that particular aesthetic with the super tall
and skinny characters, but I spend a lot of time on pixel art communities so I've probably seen
it a lot more than other people. It just seems like it's everywhere lately. Your character has
some cool details, and I thought the art was well executed, I'm just not a particular fan of that
style. I thought the plants and the robots and everything else looked really good though! As
for the game itself, it is very difficult! I only managed to beat the first level, feeling like
it was a significant accomplishment, only to find that there is even more. So good on you for
including more levels, but my skill at this kind of game is not such that I was able to complete
them. I had enough fun that I might go back and try again later. Suggestions for improvement:
the controls are kind of awkward. S for shoot and space for jump makes it kind of hard to jump and
shoot at the same time. Up to jump would have sufficed just fine. Then you could have had space
for shoot and my awkward fingers would've been much less confused. Another thing I noticed:
when you're moving left, your character is closer to the left side of the screen, and when
you're moving right, your character is closer to the right side of the screen. Seems backwards
from what it should be. There should be more space in front of you so you can see where you're
going more clearly.