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5 4 4

Excellent game, very fun. I admit I had to look at the hints a few times, but I liked how you played with the idea of not doing things - it breaks the conventional wisdom of adventure games of "doing everything you can". Story is interesting, I like how the character ends up popping out of the magician's hat. Graphics are good. I had a nice laugh with the sounds. :) Great work in everything.

3 3 3


4 4 3

The mouse button detection wasn't reliable on my machine, which made it rather annoying to play as I had to click on things several times before they either triggered or canceled, but otherwise a fun little adventure game.

2 2 3

I found myself reading the hints a lot :/

4 5 5

Great idea executed very well. Well done :-)

4 3 4

I found it quite hard to cancel some actions, and many of the interactions are decidedly non-obvious. The hints certainly helped with the latter. All in all, a fun game.

3 4 4

Great game, but I didn't really know what was going on, so I wasn't sure what direction I was supposed to be taking. Thus the game became pure trial and error. Why am I supposed to be taming a lion, when I clearly have no skills to do so? Why were there SWAT teams after me?

4 4 5

Bwahahaa... Awesome game! I had to use some of the hints but that's ok. It's hard to create puzzles for an adventure, esp. if you have only one week.

2 3 3

Like an adventure, only different. I had less fun, probably because the revisit-able timeline seemed to take away the adventure. Chalk it up to preference.

2 3 4

There seem to be some gaps in the plot. Trap? SWAT team? Where do they fit in?

5 4 4

Sometimes the interface was kinda glitchy, especially the cancel button. Sometimes events appeared duplicated.

Hmm... I wonder if I can do more with that cute acrobat.

4 4 4

Great little adventure game that is nicely on theme. :)

2 3 4

I liked the idea, but since there is not a lot of action in your game you need to take the "fun" part from somewhere... at this stage it is lacking

3 4 3

good game

2 2 3

I couldn't figure out how to get the meat from the screenshot so that the angry alien wouldn't bite off my head.

Fun idea - I agree with the award, this is a kid-friendly game.

3 5 4

The gameplay was simple. Your artwork was very good. You can play this game once.

3 3 4

Pretty cool interactive fiction. I caught myself playing this game longer than most, trying out all the options randomly, clicking like a madman all over the screen to find easter eggs. Later, I had an irresistible urge to check your source code to find the multiple endings, and if there was true love with the trapeze artist. I resisted the urge and read some articles on news.ycombinator instead.

4 3 5

Very interesting! The story's kind of weird, but you put a lot of thought into it. The ability to go back and change things instead of having to replay the game all over again is what separated this game from similar ones I've seen. I'm ambivalent about your production: I found the UI unresponsive, but you have the auto-save feature.

2 2 3

- failed to implement a nice idea
- this is confusing the bad way

2 4 2

Pure confusion.

1 1 1

2 3 4

Cool concept but not quite perfectly pulled off