PyWeek - Terrorise the Village - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 3

unbalanced, too hard (for me at least, couldn't beat first level)

2 3 2

The beginnings are in place although it doesn't make fun yet.

3 3 3

I spent ages at first carrying the mad scientist around trying to kill him by dropping him,
dropping things on him, and so on - I needed better instructions.

3 4 3

Not bad. Could have used more content, but it's a solid entry. Level editor is a nice touch

4 3 3

Imagionitive and quirky

2 4 3

Concept looked interesting. Game play was a bit repetitive. Decent sound, graphics and
controls. Just needed something to spice up the game play a bit.

1 3 1

Fearsome Flicky.

3 2 1

Sweet soundtrack! I could listen to it for 5-10 seconds or longer and not get bored.

4 4 3

Had some fun being Mothman with this game :-) Liked the look and style. Two suggestions: 1) Game
over is too sudden. 2) Confirmation when villager taken to lab. Good effort. Will look out for

3 2 3

too big collosion boxes, maybe use masked collosion next time

4 3 4

I finished the game. The game is too much simple, but it has nice music and graphic. I enjoy the
creature butterfly (Quetzal? Archaeopteryx?).

3 3 3

Decent game

2 3 2

Let's see: The production on this is pretty okay. the graphics work for what you need to convey
(although it took me a while to realise that the start area was "the lab"! I did have some issues
where occasionally I'd drop people I was carrying randomly, or not drop them when I wanted to.
It's a nice touch to leave the level editor included. Sprite collision was a bit confusing,
planes seem to be able to kill me without me getting near to them (I assume their hit box is a
rectangle?) I don't see a lot of innovation here. I'm afraid. The game is basically defender,
without the shooting :) I give a 2 for innovation. For fun, I admit it wasn't that exciting. I did
play it through and finish it. I noticed a tendancy for enemies to all congregate in the same
pit, and for villagers to also congregate there, so a lot of gameplay involved waiting for the
tanks and robots to move out of the way so I could grab villagers. I did try dropping some crates
on the tanks, in the hope that I'd destroy them, but no luck.