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2 3 2

theme?? looks incomplete.

1 2 2

Nice for the what it is so far, but that's not much of a game yet

2 3 4

Potentially interesting little puzzle game. Pity about the incomplete state.

2 2 4

Fun but it's not finished.

1 2 2

Going round and round in circles...

2 2 2

I can't really rate it higher than this, because there isn't really a game here yet. I'd like to see it finished, though.

3 3 4

Nice idea and good to see that you want to continue developing that game. Just a little suggestion: Maybe you could add some tiny red/green arrows on the numbers to indicate the correct direction to walk over it.

1 1 1

2 2 3

More levels and a few additional game elements would have made this an interesting game I think. What was the connection to the theme?

2 2 3

Cool start

2 2 4 yes

i couldn't find nine times in it.

1 1 1

This is not a finished game.

1 3 3

Nice art. But game is unfinished so it is nothing to say about game as the game

2 3 3

It's a very interesting idea, and I will look forward to seeing the finished game, if work on it continues.

1 3 3

Too bad you couldn't finish, the idea looks interesting.
Also, check your Readme file - it should say "left" instead of "right" :)

1 1 1

4 kids and have time to code something? I would give you an award, but it would not be related to the game ;)

2 2 2

Nice try, but you need to prove to me that you can make interesting and challenging levels with this concept! Good luck!

1 2 1


2 2 3

This is a cool idea - too bad you didn't make any more levels. There is some good puzzle opportunity here.

1 3 2

I hope you can finish a game next time, it could have been nice.

2 3 3

Shows promise -- interesting idea, nice-looking.

1 1 3

Very interesting idea, it could have made for some interesting action puzzles if you'd gotten
a chance to finish it! Oh well, next time! :)

1 1 2

Amusing fusion of the Pacman genre and Ferris theme. Could have been fun.

4 2 3

good idea but the game unfortunately is not complete. no sound but nice graphic