PyWeek - Team Fish - feedback

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I really liked some of the graphics. Something about this game made me queasy, maybe it's the rats.

2 3 3

+ Great artwork!

- Gameplay, while interesting, is very, very slow.

1 3 3

Interesting concept. Can't wait to lead the rats away! Many thanks!

3 4 4

Interesting concept, fun. Too many rats, though. It'd be nice if it were faster to attract the rats. Graphics and the tune are quite good.

2 3 4

This was an interesting idea. Repetitive music and aliased graphics were a bit annoying. Maybe the concept could be expanded to something really fun but I don't think it's quite there yet.

3 3 3 yes

I was able to run the game, but the graphics were so garbled that I couldn't see anything except faint outlines, which effectively made the game unplayable.

Ubuntu Karmic; Intel GM965 graphics card.

2 2 3

This suffered from OpenGL shading issues but I rated it as best I could. Interesting start but not enough game play to really qualify as something one can play yet.

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I'm sorry I didn't find it very fun.

3 4 4

Well done. The town graphics are well integrated. Once I figured out that I was actually supposed to aim the musical notes, I appreciated the challenge. It would have been really nice to have a progress indicator. I just about gave up when I thought I was going to have to clear the whole town of rats. I eventually finished the game, though. It would have been better if you could move with the arrow keys, so you didn't have to aim again when you wanted to move. Also, there could have been more of a challenge. Like, you can only pipe for a certain amount of time before you run out of breath.

2 3 2

While drowning things is amusing, the game needs more actual variety in game play.

3 3 3

Interesting idea, but herding the rats gets old pretty fast. Maybe if the rats followed for a bit longer rather than dispersing almost immediately, it would be easier to make progress..

3 2 4

Only marked down on production because I had to rename gatetower.png to gateTower.png for it to work.

A cool if slightly sick game idea.

2 4 4

very nicely done!

2 2 2

It has some really nice drawings and with a bit more polish it could have a unique atmosphere. As it is it's a bit lifeless, like a few cardboard cutouts pasted on the screen. The "blow the musical notes at the rats to attract them" bit is promising, but it's marred by using the same pointer for "shooting" and moving — it would be much more convenient to use the keyboard for movement.

I wasn't familiar with the legend so the second level was quite shocking :). Also it was basically the same as the first level but even more tedious.

4 3 4

really fun mechanic. I thought the game was very innovative in selecting the setup for the game. The gameplay was really nice. Well made suited music. A little more time/work would have made this game really nice.

2 3 3

3 4 4

I need to rename /img/town/gatetower.png to ../img/town/gateTower.png to make game to work.

OS: linux

You need to drown kids?! Seriously?! Anyway, a game a little bit slow, but concept is interesting.

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Whoops, wrong entry got that did not work vote. This is just not a very fun game to play. Nice
graphics though!

3 3 4

The idea is good, but maybe you should tweak the gameplay a little. E.g. you should play the pipe all the time without pressing any button, because I just pressed both mouse buttons all the time to play and move around and it gave me a hand cramp. ;-)

1 1 1 yes

File "/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek11/Unzipped/hamelin/src/hamelin/", line 288, in reinitgl
OpenGL.GL.GLerror: [Errno 1281] invalid value
Possibly assumes non-power-of-2 textures.

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Good looking: Yes. Innovative: Kinda. Fun: No. And, seriously, be careful with your paths there.