PyWeek - James Wobble - feedback

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At first i was unsure how to play your game, then i realised that i had to hit the pearls with the head to push them into the net and then it worked.

But because of the time limit and that there are unlimited resources to shoot at the guy, it was a click-spree and luck to get first on the high score. If you give the player more time or limited pearls to throw, the game would be more skill based and less luck based.

Overall i had fun playing it and you did a good job making a polished entry!

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I thought the idea was creative, but it didn't really work well. I think the game is too difficult and "uncontrollable", it needs to be tweaked some more to be more fun. I mean, for me, it felt random as to how I managed to put pearls in the basket. It felt more of a luck thing than a skill thing. Just a small issue: why the unusual controls F and J and mouse click? Why choose two keys separated by two other keys, and why use the mouse when it's unnecessary? Anyway, the graphics are quite good and the music is nice. This game could've been more fun if you had time to tweak and test it some more. I hope you end up doing it. :)

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Annoyingly hard for such a simple task ;)

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The game didn't start on Mac. Looks like some kind of path issue, though it could be a problem with my pygame installation. I ran the game from the command line.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 6, in <module>
File "/Users/elemel/PyWeek-10-finals/team-strong/james-wobble-src-1.0/gamelib/", line 13, in main
File "/Users/elemel/PyWeek-10-finals/team-strong/james-wobble-src-1.0/gamelib/", line 167, in main
File "/Users/elemel/PyWeek-10-finals/team-strong/james-wobble-src-1.0/gamelib/", line 22, in play_bgmusic
pygame.error: Couldn't read from '/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/Resources/'

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interesting idea ... but in the end I didn't really enjoy playing it

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It's not a very interesting game, but it's wibbly-wobbly at least.

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If only the game had been as fun as the description of it!

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There's a game in there, maybe a little too difficult though. Liked the music and his wobble.

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Not a whole lot of replay value, and the controls were kind of awkward.

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Incredibly minimalistic.

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Seems to be almost impossible to catch perls except by luck.

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Idea is innovative but somehow it's not much fun. Maybe because I don't feel like I have any of influence on what happens.

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Nice music, but the game is not much fun to play :/

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it made me smile a bit thanks

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My only complaint is the choice of keys to make james wobble; they're quite far apart on a split keyboard.