PyWeek - Dr. Chemical's Lab - feedback

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3 4 3

After a while solo game become quite boring, unfortunately I hadn't chance to play online.

3 3 4

3 4 4

Really fun idea. Collision detection bugs and oddities in the controls kept the scores I gave
lower than they might have been. Also, woot on working network play!

3 4 4

Cute concept and fun mechanic. Rather buggy, which detracted from the enjoyment a bit. The
network mode is interesting, but for me was a lot buggier than single player mode.

3 4 4

Found it almost impossible to get the molecules to link into rings.

3 5 4

Fun arcade puzzle! Both design and program are excellent.

3 4 4

Interesting puzzle game. I struggled with the game mechanic though, I couldn't figure out how
to get the atoms into closed loops and I found it difficult to move around as I had to switch
weapons to do so.

3 4 4

too much difficult

2 3 3

It is a very complete game with in-game help and networking. The credits page refers to music
but I hear none and see no music file. The art is not bad, I know how hard it is to make animations! I
don't think pymunk adds anything in this case. You could just as well calculate colliding
balls in Python and avoid the pain of a C dependency and the physics glitches. (I stopped using
the grapple hook after violently glitching around for a while.) It is very hard to control on a
Mac touchpad (no right click). Even with a mouse I think it would be fairly challenging to
control. You have to use 6 different abilities in a pretty wild environment. Due to this I'm not
entirely sold on the gameplay. It is original though and may be fun in multiplayer.

5 4 5

It hurts my mouse. But is fun as hell. Second gun is da best.

4 4 4