The player's feet and head are clearly visible.


This is a game about a mad scientist's experiment after it was abandoned.


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The player's feet and head are clearly visible.
hidas 2012/05/09 10:01

Diary Entries


This is the second time I've used Git on a project, and I am liking it more and more.
I haven't had the good fortune to have to use the reset command yet, but I think that as I grow more and more used to the "git workflow", I'll be able to use my time more efficiently.
The ability to have an up-to-date copy of my work on any computer is really useful; and to be able to update the "main" repository from any computer, (in my case any operating system).


Day 3: Internet access has returned.

When you lose internet access during a game compo, it is quite possibly the worst productivity-killer known to man. You cannot communicate with your team members, you cannot Google anything; in short, you cannot develop nearly as rapidly.

Unfortunately, this is a real story. :(

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Scrolling is wonderful


On another note, why did I never figure out how to implement a "viewport" when I was making a physics platformer outside of Pyweek?

Evidently game jams boost the programmer's IQ by a factor of 1.3


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Game idea and strategy

Alrighty! We've got our game designed, and the other team members have left for home to develop some content. I've got the beginnings of a simple platformer working:

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I've been experiencing pain and tingling in my wrists and arms lately; this is undoubtedly due to my horrible ergonomics. I oftentimes found myself hunched over a flat keyboard with my wrists bent at a 45 degree angle. I've had this problem once before, so I decided to save my hands and I got one of those Microsoft Natural Keyboards. So far, it's been pretty awesome. I'm just happy I got it in time for Pyweek. :)

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Plans and tools for Pyweek

This is the first time I've been on a team, and the first time kid_imagine has competed in Pyweek.
We will probably only be able to touch base with each other once during the week, so I'm hoping FaceTime is up to the challenge!

The ideal distribution of work would be as follows:

hidas: code, music
kid_imagine: art, music
( music would be on a per-section basis, with each team member composing the music for his favorite level/area/time slot )
I suspect however it will end up more like the list below:

hidas: desperately tries to code while promising himself he'll still have time to compose music.
kid_imagine: happily draws and records music all week.

Another problem is Py2exe; I haven't been able to build ONE .exe with it. We may end up doing a pure Pygame project for the third pyweek in a row. You see, having to compile Chipmunk for Windows just to install Pymunk just to play one game is bound to be quite frustrating. If we used Py2exe it would be easy to bundle a precompiled chipmunk lib.