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The execution may feel a bit sloppy (movement is odd, I get stuck to walls sometimes), but I found this game more fun than I initially expected. Having nine bullets or nine hp doesn't add much to the game, though. I've enjoyed the variations in enemies and I think the levels are nicely done.

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goal of the game is not clear (how to play instructions are ok, but knowing the keys to play does not mean that the goal is clear)
too difficult

2 3 3

Got stuck on level 4.

2 2 3

Felt like a game that needed a bit more work on the game balance. The limited clip could be interesting, but too much of the game is just reflex tests, and there are no other options.

3 3 3 yes

i opened the game and it crashed immediately after opening.

3 2 2

Had to read the code to figure out how to kill the "knight".

2 2 3

The bullets are almost invisible and it's really easy to get into a position where it's impossible to finish the game. I gave up when I ran into the "knight" and had to look at the code to find out how to damage him.

4 3 2

Fun game! Perhaps a little fast, but that's just me. On an unrelated note, I found a bug: if the first time you load the game you exit before playing, then you can't play again :)

Great entry!

3 3 3

Actually, this game has a lot of potential. Just add some polish to the highscore and menus and maybe some hints on how to kill the enemies (the one that looks like a zombie is kind of tricky). Ooh, and other weapons or weapon upgrades would be neat. Do not send the player back to the level select screen after dying - just restart the level. ;)

3 3 3

A few more types of enemies and obstacles and a little more polishing and I think this would be a pretty cool game.

2 4 2

kinda twitchy

5 3 3

really fun to play

5 1 3

I really like this game. I played all levels :-D A lot of fun.

3 3 3

classic game

3 3 2

Clowns, Metal Gear Solid references and Street Thugs, oh my!

2 2 1

It was kind of short, abrupt. I took a lot of damage from a single hit, and didn't understand some of the damage I took. I ran out of ammo before I really even did anything worthwhile. Was it meant more as a puzzle than an actioner?

3 3 3

I don't know what I'm supposed to do...

I liked all the menus, it was easy to try the game out. Thanks!

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Nice to see a good ol' fashioned platforming shooter. The physics felt a little frantic.

2 2 1

too umbalanced, frustrating

3 3 2

Controls are a little touchy for my liking, and it would be more convenient to use up arrow for jumping and space for shooting. Also I can't figure out how you're supposed to kill the guy on level 4.

3 3 3

That was pretty challenging. I liked the behavior of the thug once I figured it out. The controls seemed way too sensitive - I could run across the whole screen in like a second. And it was really hard to figure out how to conserve your bullets properly. It took me like 10 tries to beat the first level just because I kept running out of bullets!

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