PyWeek - LordMasque - feedback

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4 4 4

This is a pretty fun game. My only critiques are that it doesn't look possible to remove rocks
and I can't figure out how to prevent a single orc from wiping me out. Good job!

3 3 3

no sound nor music

4 4 3

It seems like there is a lot going on here but it isn't so clear from the UI what the player is
trying to do. It was fun to experiment with the various things you can do in the space and watch
the mushrooms respond. Could do with more feedback on what is happening but overall a really
well put together game.

1 3 3

Honestly I couldn't figure out how to even get started on this game. It seemed super
complicated. I suspect it deserves more attention but I only had so much time to spend
reviewing these games, and I was just baffled from the outset by Fairy Kingdom. Anyway the
readme says it isn't really a game, it's more of a toy, a simulation of some simple system.

4 3 4

I like your game. The explorer feeling really came up. I like the sprites and tiles. Needless to
say some music or sounds would be nice. I had a little trouble following, what was going on: How
do my shrooms procreate? Can they starve? How many food resources do I actually have? What are
the gems for? Do I have some kind of influence on soldier production? I explored one corner of
the map and when I returned to my village - all houses had been slain by some orcs - nasty beasts!

2 3 3

There's not a lot of challenge here, but I did enjoy the procedural generation, rivers and
plant growth. Showing some stats about current resources would incentivise the player to
manage those resources.

4 3 3

I've replayed this game after testing it because I had fun trying to control those mushkinds.
The graphics could be improved: it took me a while to understand I was in a cave. And after a
while, it starts to be all the same. That can be solved by adding new challenges.

2 3 3

The graphics are cute but I couldn’t really figure out what I was supposed to do in the game. It
took me a while to realise where the food was. You should use os.path.join for paths that are
compatible with different operating systems (see line 70 of

3 3 4

An interesting "sandbox" game :)

3 3 3

Could have used sound & music

4 2 3

This was fun to start with. I figured out you can rock the orcs, and make barriers so I last for a
long time. It was working well for a while, and then I dunno...maybe the shrooms ran out of food,
because they stopped mining and got hedged in. I may try again later and not be so aggressive
with the rocks in a small area. SFX were conspicuously missing and would have added to the
experience. Sounds really change the feel of a game. If there was time I would have like some
feedback on what was happening. It was hard to tell when a shroomy died, what the village needed
and was doing most of the time besides bouncing around and visiting some tiles. But I know this
level of visual costs much time, and pyweeks don't give you a lot of that. :) Nice little game!

4 4 4

I like the art work. It reminds me of Ultima IV.

2 4 3

Awesome animations and graphics, except there wasn't really a point to the game, and I can't
see how it followed the theme. Other than that, it was terrific.

1 1 1 yes

game doesn't run, probably hard coded directory issue