An early screenshot of the actual game


Sorry, folks. We bit off more than we could chew, and won't be submitting. Good luck to the rest of you!

Proudly Presenting, for the
Enjoyment and Benefit of All and Sundry,
the widely Esteemed
Gentlemen of Good Taste
no Mere Club or Casual Gathering but
a cultured Society of Forward-Thinking Individuals
dedicated to Progress and Discovery
for the Greater Good of All Human-Kind
Being an Organization of lofty Goals and noble Aspirations, the Gentlemen of Good Taste participate in this Semi-Annual Week of Sport and Good-Natured Competition for to assist in ensuring the creation of Many and Varied Works of great Interest to High-Minded Patrons of The Arts in all Regions of the Globe.
Counted among the Members of the Organization One may find two veteran Competitors of Previous Events; the distinguished Sir Diamond, a sportsman of Great Reknown, and syntaxglitch, whose Boundless Determination is beyond repute. Accompanying these individuals One finds four aspiring Competitors: coder7 and karnqu, being skilled in the operation of Thinking Machines; Toby, being a writer of tales both Fantastic and Mundane; and madbrain, being a Musical Composer of Great Talent.


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File Uploader Date
An early screenshot of the actual game
syntaxglitch 2008/09/12 18:00
Title screen / main menu
syntaxglitch 2008/09/12 10:12
Preliminary screenshot from graphics testing
syntaxglitch 2008/09/08 23:45