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4 3 3

It's a relatively simple game, but it's fun! I particularly like the limited movement of the mower; that's what makes the game hard. I also enjoy the tail physics very much. Nice work.

4 2 3

As is stands for a minigame.

1 1 1 yes

pymunk doesn't want to work on my 64 bit Ubuntu install. (I even tried to compile the C component
from scratch - it bugged out with compiler errors.) To be honest this is probably a good thing - I
may have no problem running over innocent bystanders in GTA but running over cats with a lawn
mower just seams nasty.

4 3 3

Nice little twist on the classic snake game. I like the idea of running over cats, haha.

2 2 2

Not a big fan of endless games. Plus, this felt a bit too much like snake to me. =|

4 3 2

Very nice usage of physics! Graphics are ok for their size, gameplay is a bit limited.

3 2 3

cute gameplay. segfaults at the end everytime. good sound feedback. sometimes the cats get run over when i feel they shouldn't. running into a wall is confusing. not sure what my objective is after i get about 20 cats in the chain

1 1 1 yes

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 6, in <module>
import main
File "game\", line 4, in <module>
import pymunk as pm
ImportError: No module named pymunk

2 1 2

I cought 80 cats at which point pymunk started to give up :). I also died.

2 2 2

Something about using a lawnmower to catch cats doesn't quite make sense...

3 3 3 yes

No pymunk installed :(

2 2 2

Incomplete, and "snake" has been plagiarized too much :)

1 1 1 yes

some *.dlls seem to be missing. Also, no readme present (!)

3 3 4

Sweet... I like the cats in the start menu (the in-game cats are too small - it's hard to tell how
cute they really are). Just add a Highscore and some happy music, then you have a neat little,
complete game.