First mockup - scientist in base is wondering why there is no hydroponics lab.

Survivor: Mars

The first men on mars will not be sent by a science organization but by a media corporation. The media company (LBMI) Little Bit of Money International finances the trip by turning it into a game show. The player is the director of the show, participating in the process to select the participants, manage the resources going into the trip, and balance getting good ratings and keeping the crew alive. The trip is currently planned to be a one way trip - once a colony can be sustained on Mars it may be possible to extract the people from the base.


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First mockup - scientist in base is wondering why there is no hydroponics lab.
saluk 2012/09/09 08:26

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Survivor: Mars

Very poor mockup of the main game view. That clip art is wonderful isn't it? Really puts to shame my actual artistic ability. Note to self, use more clip art and less self.

What I want for my game is to be a strategy simulation type, where you manage a mars mission. It obviously fits the theme, because these scientists on the mission do not get a return trip. We are colonizing mars! The catch of course, is the only way to fund such a mission is to turn it into a reality tv series. You will have to balance personalities and various psychoses in the crew, the ratings and revenue the program generates, and the actual health of the crew members and the mission. Low ratings? Encourage a love triangle or put someone in danger. Is someone's ego really becoming a problem which might jeapordize the mission? Put them out the airlock!

I like the idea, but as usual I have no idea how it will actually be a game. I'm going to spend most of tomorrow writing a design document, in as much detail as I can. I tend to do very little solid planning for my games, while tackling somewhat experimental ideas. I'm going to try to devote the planning this needs to come up with something that's actually playable. I'm also open to suggestions if anyone has some concrete elements to add.

Sidenote: why am I so obsessed with games where little people are involved? My early exposure to House on a Disk, otherwise known as little computer people, may have something to do with it.