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4 4 4

I've enjoyed this game very much, though I find it a bit hard. The concept is quite fun and works well. Nice work.

4 4 4


4 3 4

One of the more interesting games, certainly.

4 4 5

I found the controls a bit laggy, which made the game hard to play.

The minimalist artwork suits the game style quite well.

Good concept. Well executed.

4 4 4

A very nice game, some of the levels could use a bit of work otherwise it runs very smoothly and is
fun to play. An excellent entry for a week

4 4 4

One of my favorites from this pyweek. Very fun to play, super addictive!

4 5 4

All I can say is, Well Done! There is nothing wrong with this game except the difficulty, other than that it's amazing.

3 4 5

Giving you a 5/5 on innovation because of your level design. The music and graphics are also great. The controls are not bad, but sometimes I would jump when I was trying to climb a ladder. I'm only giving a 3/5 on fun, but it could have been a 4/5 or even 5/5 if it hadn't been so hard, and required so many precise, difficult-to-time jumps! The later levels of your walkthrough remind me of a Rube Goldberg device with the player getting flung hither and thither with no idea of what to expect next. That's not something it's really feasible to master.

I think there's a timing-related bug that keeps me from giving 5/5 on production. As with many pyglet games, this one slows down considerably for me in the later levels (I'm on Ubuntu). This causes the consecutive lives to spread out more and more in time, and it becomes impossible for me to beat the first factory level. I climb up the first ladder and get blown away by the triangle. My next life is several seconds in the past, still not even having started climbing the ladder. By the time I get to the top of the ladder with this new life, the triangle has reloaded and I don't make it any closer to her before getting blown away again. Considering how much of the factory levels depends on precise timings, I can't imagine this is the only issue that would come up.

Overall quite good, just make it a little easier next time! :)

4 3 3

Good fun in a tear-your-hair-out way :)

4 4 4

Whoopee! .. Uhm.. fun, innovative, fitting music and ok looks. Well done.

4 4 5

i loved that you could use all the following charecters.

5 3 4

What a great concept, nine lemming buddies negotiating a treacherous obstacle course. This was very fun, despite a few serious issues. The artwork has character, and encourages a slightly maniacal glee. The action-puzzle combination is excellent.

The only thing that keeps me from a higher Innovation rating was the incorporation of the theme. Granted this was a difficult theme to derive meaning from, but that is an important part of the challenge. I feel that an exceptionally clever application of the theme would be something more than having nine of something(s). Theme aside, I think your is concept exceptionally clever.

The mechanics are still somewhat glitchy, and this killed some of the fun:

1. Once I belly-flopped over a deadly obstacle and landed against a short wall. I needed to belly-flop a couple more times to make it up. When I hopped in the air and pressed 1, the flopped lemming landed on the ledge above my head and I was blocked from jumping at the safe spot I had prepared.

2. When chain belly-flop-jumping across a long bed of spikes, I found I had to wait until the *second* lemming lands before jumping with the lead lemming again. Otherwise the second lemming did not jump, and all trailing lemmings ran into the death spikes even though the lead lemming made the jump. You might consider this a design of the mechanics. I found it frustrating, and it eventually made me lose interest in playing further.

3. I noticed that if the troop stood on a switch it would auto-flip every couple seconds or so. This could become a point of frustration if one can't see the controlled object.

Otherwise I liked the mechanics a lot.

The Production score should be obvious. This is the gravy of PyWeek, and from reading you in IRC, I gather you would have decorated LEMMING if you had the time.

Overall a really great submission. I can't wait to see what you do with it when time is not limited! :)

3 4 4

Ridiculously hard. :)

3 4 4

Sausages jump and slide around too much and are hard to control. And you're right, it's far too hard!

3 4 5

This is a really great idea, and my favorite interpretation of the theme. I just wish I wasn't so bad at playing the game.

4 3 5

This game is a lot of fun. The best I played for now.

5 4 5

i really really really liked the game

5 4 3

Good work. Really, nice and catchy game.

5 4 4

I really enjoyed playing this. Very addictive, fun to play in a 'one-more-go' kind of way, and the graphics and sound really added to the experience.

4 4 4

Awesome game! It was frustrating when the next hot-dog guy was already jumping as you switched to him. Also, the spikes seemed to kill my guys more than they should (I think the sliding had something to do with that).

Still, your game is one of the best! fun gameplay, great sound effects ("WHEEEEEEEE" SPLAT!) and great music totally make up for the aforementioned faults. Good job!

4 3 3

hey this is actually very fun and hilarious!

work on it!

3 3 3

After playing for a while, the game became too jittery and laggy to control. This happened both times I tried to get past the second level. :-(

4 4 5

Great fun! Didn't manage to get past the factory level, but I plan on trying again later. Shame it runs slowly on slower computers, but this is definately made up for in the fun that comes with it when you find a computer powerful enough to run it.

4 3 3

A game with good difficulty but some levels are annoyingly tough and not very rewarding for success. Graphics and all other aspects were at an average standard.

4 4 4

Great game. Had some sound issues but I disabled sound and managed to do okay.

3 4 3

Looked nice, hard to say more because I can't get very far.

5 5 3

excellent game

3 3 3

There are things I love and things I hate about this game. I love the crazed expression on the character's face as he divebombs to his doom, and the quirky music and somewhat insane levels. Platforming control is pretty tight, which is a rarity on these things!

I found it rather frustrating that the death of a lemming usually results in the death of my next three or four lemmings in random unpredictable ways, as I naturally switch what I'm doing the moment a character dies, and the control jumps rather rapidly to the next one in the queue. I'm not really sure what could be done about that though, perhaps a slight pause as you die each time?

One place I'd look to improve would be level design, platformer level design is a massive contributor to how fun the game is, many indie platform games have game elements dotted about seemingly at random, and they don't feel like they're contributing to a consistent progression through the levels and the game, it's very hard to get this right, without extensive playtesting, and there are good and bad elements here.

A few small bugs like the music cutting out on occasion weren't too much of a problem. Overall, kinda fun.

1 1 1 yes

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File "/home/mamal/python/testgames/lemming-final-1/lemming/", line 86, in start
File "/home/mamal/python/testgames/lemming-final-1/lemming/", line 52, in start
self.bg_music ='music/depressing.mp3', streaming=True)
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/pyglet/", line 576, in media
return media.load(path, streaming=streaming)
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/pyglet/media/", line 1386, in load
source = _source_class(filename, file)
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/pyglet/media/", line 202, in __init__
'AVbin is required to decode compressed media') AVbin is required to decode compressed media
AL lib: ALc.c:1879: exit(): closing 1 Device
AL lib: ALc.c:1808: alcCloseDevice(): destroying 1 Context(s)

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