Kicking the ass of the tank.

Sucker Punch

A robotic vacuum cleaner beating the crap out of military vehicles. Hectigo's three-day personal project. I originally planned to do a group project with pekuja and JDruid this time around, but ended up working by myself.

The game will have a home page at

Notice: The game uses pyglet for sounds, so it won't work on Linux unless you have avbin installed. Otherwise, pyglet is the only software dependency (besides Python, of course).


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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 2.3
Production: 2.2
Innovation: 2.3

26% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


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final entry
Hectigo 2008/04/07 09:36
Kicking the ass of the tank.
Hectigo 2008/04/03 22:30