PyWeek - ICE NINE - feedback

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Nice blob :)

I had several graphicglitches, which is not important and it was nice, moving the blob around let it glitxh downwards. But the longer i played the slower the game runned so after a while it was unplayable. But overall i like it.

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I had to tweak a few parameters - lowered POINTS and increased Segment radius - but the blob handles really well.

2 2 3

This moved slower than anything I've seen on my computer. I really couldn't enjoy it and I didn't have time to profile for what was wrong sorry .

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Scores points for blob-physics.

1 1 1 yes

First time I played, the blob got stuck on the spiky edge of the first cliff and then went invisible. Second time, I couldn't move the blob any more after after falling down from that spiky edge.

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Well, you can roll a blue blob left and right and get stuck on pointy things. Great fun if that's all you want :).

2 3 3

Played extremely slow, was more or less unplayable. Nice choice of colors.

2 1 2 yes

The game became completely unresponsive for me after just a few seconds, and it was running really slowly. Too bad.

3 3 4

Pretty cool game. I got stuck a lot though.

From here could move into something quite special, if you continue improving it.

Jump did not seem to work for me... but I found there was a jump defined in the source. That would have been pretty fun.

Really liked the blobs changing shape as it moved across things.

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Well. The ball had interesting physics. Other than that - not so interesting.

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Cool physics, but there's not much else to it.

1 4 2

nice blob, but the game runs incredibly slow and I don't see what would be the goal here..

2 2 3

The game runs very slow on my (quite recent) machine. I use the latest (stable) versions of all required libraries on Windows. Wobbly physics look quite impressive, anyway.