My protagonist will be a stick man and I may have no pre-rendered art assets, but we'll see. Also leaning towards a platformer, but the rest will be inspired by the theme.


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bjorn 2008/09/07 17:54

Diary Entries


So my wife came up with the best idea I have so far: Hangman. But of course I don't just want a remake of your standard hangman, so I'm letting the idea ferment a bit and see what kind of twist I can come up with. I haven't had any time to code yet; hopefully will have time to write something.

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Didn't make it :(

Well, I finally did get a few hours (maybe 4 max) to try to put something together; I almost even had it working. Basically a piece of string with one end attached to the mouse cursor but unfortunately it's still behaving more like silly putty than string. I decided not to upload it and subject everyone to what really wasn't a game. I did get a bit of cocos experience though so next pyweek I'll have an easier time gearing up. Too bad though, I liked this theme and I think the "toy" I had here could have developed into a fun game if I'd actually had a week to work on it.

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