The Dark Matters

I'm an aspiring game developer looking to practice my skills. It's been a while since I've done anything with Python, though.


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Finally came up with a good Idea that I want to go with, now it's time to start. It's been like a year since I've last used Python and I've never used arcade before, so this will be... fun. Yeah, fun.

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Day 2 - Art

As I am not an artist I opted to use publicly available assets. I spent the majority of today getting all my art assets together. There's a lot of finer details to everything I did today, but it can mostly be summed up with this:

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The creechure

be nice to it, ok?

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It can walk

The creechure can now creech

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Day 3

I think it's day 3? Well the end of day three anyway. I'm too tired right now to go into detail about everything I did. The big takeaway is I heavily improved my game's polish, and even added a system to make animating in game cutscenes a thousand times easier for myself. My eyes keep fogging over as I write this, telling me it's time to go to bed. But I doubt I will be able to fall asleep easily, as my thoughts are filled with the creechure. It could be anywhere. It could eventhe chreechure spinningbe in this diary entry. One thing's for sure, it's living in my head rent free.

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